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1st Caricature Exhibition by Shekhar celebrates ‘World Cartoonist Day’ at Kala Kendra Jammu

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Jammu, May 06: In honour of World Cartoonist Day, Natrang celebrated a momentous occasion at Kala Kendra, Jammu, featuring the internationally acclaimed cartoonist Chander Shekhar, a proud son of the soil.

The event was graced by Triambak Sharma, Editor of Cartoon Watch, who travelled from Raipur, Chattisgarh, to inaugurate this exclusive exhibition.

World Cartoonist Day, observed on May 5th annually, is a global celebration of cartoonists and their contributions to society. Established by the National Cartoonist Society in the 1990s, the day aims to promote and support the cartooning industry while acknowledging its profound impact on society.

Chander Shekhar, known for bringing Jammu into the international spotlight through his creative endeavors, orchestrated this event to grant global recognition to the city. The exhibition showcased an impressive collection of 64 caricatures, featuring prominent personalities from Jammu, including Dr. Karan Singh, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, filmmaker Ved Rahi, painter Suman Gupta, and singer Jitendra Singh, among others.

Renowned for his illustrious career spanning three decades, Shekhar has organized and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions in India and abroad. However, this exhibition marks the first time that various prominent figures from Jammu have been depicted in cartoons through their caricatures.

Expressing his gratitude, Shekhar shared his plans to take the exhibition to various other regions and called upon civil society to support his endeavors. The event saw the presence of distinguished personalities such as Javaid Rahi, Secretary of Kala Kendra Society, and Ajay Khajuria, alongside a host of other prominent figures from the region.

As the curtains closed on the inaugural caricature exhibition by Shekhar, it not only celebrated the artistry of cartooning but also honored the rich tapestry of personalities that define the cultural landscape of Jammu.


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