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Chairperson PAWWA inaugurates smart classes, reception centre at PPS Bemina

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Srinagar: In a significant development for education in the region, the Chairperson of the Police Public Welfare Association (PAWWA), Mrs Rasmita Swain, presided over the inauguration ceremony of smart classes and a reception centre at PPS, Bemina, Srinagar.

The event was held in the esteemed presence of Administrative Officer Sujit Kumar Singh IPS DIG CID Kashmir, Principal Smt. Snigdha Singh, and several dignitaries including Mrs Eva Rayees, Mrs. Pragati Pandey, Mrs Mehak Chakravarty, Mrs. Sahar Zamil, Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmad SP (West), and Mrs. Shabeera Shabnum, Headmistress, was a testament to the commitment towards enhancing educational facilities in the region.

Adding to the momentous occasion, Chairperson Swain also dedicated three new school buses to PPS, Bemina, underscoring the institution’s focus on improving transportation for students. Moreover, in a gesture of profound gratitude and solidarity, she distributed 40 scholarships to the wards of fallen heroes of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, recognizing their sacrifices and pledging ongoing support to their families.

The ceremony also marked the graduation of nursery kids from the KG wing, a milestone celebrated with enthusiasm and pride. Chairperson Swain took the opportunity to commend the invaluable contributions of the fallen heroes of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, assuring continued support for their children’s education. She conducted a comprehensive review of the school’s functioning and infrastructure, emphasizing the need for quality education through the recruitment of proficient teachers and the integration of advanced learning systems.

Chairperson Swain reiterated the school’s commitment to providing high-quality education to the children of police personnel and the public of Jammu and Kashmir. Promising further advancements, she announced plans for projects such as a girls’ hostel, enhanced sports facilities, and state-of-the-art laboratories to elevate the educational experience.

Expressing her appreciation, Chairperson Swain congratulated the parents of the graduating students and commended the dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff for their exceptional results and performance. Addressing the gathering, she assured continued efforts in organizing such events in the future, emphasizing the unwavering dedication of the school to fulfil its academic commitments and serve the community.

The inauguration ceremony marked a pivotal moment in the journey of PPS, Bemina, towards excellence in education, with Chairperson Swain’s vision driving initiatives aimed at nurturing young minds and honouring the legacy of the region’s brave heroes.

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