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Use vernacular as source of history for reliability, authenticity: Expert

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‘International Mother Language Day’

Srinagar, February 21: To reaffirm the dedication to nurture linguistic heritage and encourage a deeper appreciation for diverse linguistic traditions, the Department of Kashmiri, Kashmir University (KU) Wednesday celebrated the ‘International Mother Language Day’ with fervour and enthusiasm here on the main campus.

Every year, on February 21, the day is celebrated to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.

The event witnessed a huge convergence of faculty members including, Dr Tahir Ahmad, Dr Mohammad Younis and Dr Nusrat Bashir; guests, staff, students and research scholars and various other university teachers and officials, all united to honour and promote linguistic diversity, an official press release read.

Dean, School of Social Sciences, KU, Prof M Y Ganai, underscored the importance of vernacular languages as “reliable sources of history” and shed light on the cultural and historical significance of Kashmiri language and literature.

“The historians should use vernacular as a source of history for its reliability and authenticity,” he reiterated while emphasising that the preservation of one’s mother tongue is paramount in safeguarding cultural diversity and promoting intergenerational connections.

Earlier, in her welcome address, the Head of the Department of Kashmiri, KU, Prof Mehfooza Jan emphasised the profound significance of preserving and cherishing one’s mother tongue.

“Language plays an invaluable role in preserving cultural heritage and encouraging a sense of identity among communities,” Prof Mehfooza said while urging individuals to recognise and celebrate the richness of their linguistic heritage.

The occasion served as a reminder of the significance of linguistic diversity and the need for concerted efforts to preserve indigenous languages and also of the intrinsic value embedded within each language and the cultural heritage it represents, the release read.

Senior faculty, Dr Shafqat Altaf, conducted the proceedings of the event and also presented the formal vote of thanks, it added.

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