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An open letterto Honourable LG, Shri Manoj Sinha

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An Urgent Appeal for Intervention: The Plight of Guest Faculty in Jammu & Kashmir’s Educational System

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing on behalf of the guest faculty members currently serving in the educational institutions of Jammu & Kashmir, urgently seeking your attention to the pressing issues affecting this community and, subsequently, the entire educational system.

The recent implementation of Guest Faculty norms, ostensibly designed to streamline academic operations, has inadvertently led to a state of total collapse within the educational landscape of our region. We believe that your esteemed office holds the key to rectifying these issues and steering the educational system back towards prosperity.

Financial Struggle of Guest Faculty: One of the primary casualties of this policy shift is the financial well-being of guest faculty members. As educators entrusted with shaping young minds, we find ourselves grappling with significant financial hardships, as our remuneration stands at a meagre Rs400 per lecture. This nominal compensation, coupled with the short tenure of employment, poses a substantial threat to our economic stability.

Limited Working Days and Lectures: Our challenges extend beyond financial constraints. With a working period restricted to 8 to 10 months, excluding holidays, we face a stark reality of a maximum of 25 working days. In a typical working day, the opportunity for delivering lectures is further restricted. This truncated schedule severely hampers the depth and quality of education imparted to students.

College Director’s Influence: A Detriment to College Education: The adoption of these norms, spearheaded by the Director of Colleges, has inadvertently become a catalyst for the erosion of the college education system in the region. The aftermath is evident in the compromised learning experience for students and the deterioration of the overall academic environment.

Vicious Trend: Compromising set Guidelines on Salaries: The vicious trend adopted by the J&K administration, compromising on set UGC guidelines regarding salaries, exacerbates the issue. Adherence to academic qualifications, guidelines, and principles ensures that educators bring the necessary expertise to the classroom, enriching the educational experience for students.

Ominous Silence: Decoding Authorities’ Inaction: The current educational crisis in Jammu & Kashmir raises a perplexing question: Why do the honourable LG of J&K UT and other concerned authorities remain conspicuously silent on this pressing issue? Lack of awareness, bureaucratic hurdles, policy defensiveness, and prioritization challenges may contribute to this puzzling silence.

We, the undersigned guest faculty members, implore your intervention to address these critical issues and steer the educational system towards a path of resurgence. We believe that a collaborative effort between the administration and educators is crucial for the well-being of our community and the academic success of our students.

It is our sincere hope that you will consider our appeal with the gravity it deserves and initiate measures to rectify the situation. Your timely intervention can not only salvage the current predicament but also set the stage for a brighter and more robust educational future in the region.

Thaning you in anticipation for your kind  attention and understanding. We look forward to a positive response and meaningful steps to alleviate the challenges faced by guest faculty members in Jammu & Kashmir.


All J&K Colleges,

Guest Faculty Members


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