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Firdous Dramatic Club in collaboration with JKB organises Nukkad Nataks

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Srinagar: Firdous Dramatic Club, in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Bank, orchestrated a compelling series of street plays, known as Nukkad Nataks, aimed at raising awareness about the perils of drug addiction. 

The event took place at L D Hospital in Srinagar on February 6th and 7th.

The performances, skillfully executed by the artists of the Firdous Dramatic Club, captivated the audience, which comprised a diverse demographic including youth and women. Through these skits, the detrimental effects of drug abuse on both individuals and society, particularly the younger generation, were vividly portrayed.

In addition to highlighting the social issues, the initiative also sheds light on the various welfare schemes offered by Jammu and Kashmir Bank, emphasizing financial development opportunities for the common people, especially the unemployed youth of the region.

The audience, appreciating the innovative collaboration between the Firdous Dramatic Club and Jammu and Kashmir Bank, expressed their desire for such programs to be conducted extensively across the valley. They recognized Nukkad Nataks as an effective means of communicating critical messages in a comprehensible manner to the masses.

Hassan Javed, a renowned theatre and television director who directed the Nukkad Nataks, extended gratitude to Jammu and Kashmir Bank for their support in organizing these awareness-driven initiatives. He expressed optimism that such endeavours would persist in the future, contributing to the societal betterment of Kashmir.

Highlighting the commitment of the Firdous Dramatic Club to societal welfare, Hassan Javed affirmed their dedication to raising awareness on pertinent issues. He urged other departments and organizations to step forward and collaborate with such groups and clubs to foster a sustainable and developed society.

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