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Apni Party holds workers’ convention in Chaudhary Gund Charar-i-Sharief

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Srinagar: To boost its political activities and public outreach campaign, the Apni Party held a workers’ convention at Chaudhary Gund Charar-i-Sharief in Budgam district today. 

Besides the workers from the area, the event was attended by prominent party leaders including the party’s Vice President Javid Mustafa Mir, Provincial President Kashmir Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Senior Leader and Srinagar’s former mayor Junaid Azim Mattu, Provencial President of the party’s Women’s Wing Dilshada Shaheen, Youth Provincial President Kashmir Khalid Rathore, District President for the Women’s Wing Shakeela Ji, and others. The event was organised by the party’s constituency in-charge Mushtaq Zuhami.

According to a press note, while addressing the convention, Javid Mustafa Mir urged people to support the Apni Party so that it can implement its pro-people agenda to ensure a brighter future for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, “Apni Party’s primary agenda is to ensure a permanent peace, enduring prosperity, and equivalent development in Jammu and Kashmir, and economic and political empowerment of its people. We have seasoned politicians in this party and these leaders have the vision, determination, and potential to bring about positive change in the region. We are committed to elevating J&K to new heights of prosperity and economic well-being.”

Addressing the gathering, Mohammad Ashraf Mir emphasised the importance of intensifying political activities among the cadre to maintain a close connection with the masses in their respective areas.

He said, “As the parliamentary elections draw near, it becomes imperative for us to actively engage with the public, ensuring that they are well-informed about our agenda and policies. It is our duty to convey that the Apni Party stands as the singular entity with a clear and unambiguous agenda dedicated to the welfare of the masses in Jammu and Kashmir. I strongly urge you to intensify your political and public outreach endeavours, fostering a continuous connection with the people.”

Taking a dig at the traditional political parties, Mir appealed to people not to fall prey to the deceptive politics of these traditional political parties and their leaders.

He said, “As elections approach, these shameless politicians will once again approach you with fake promises and deceptive narratives to grab your votes. They need your votes to attain power, as they have been doing for more than seventy years. Previously, they came seeking your votes, claiming that they would protect Articles 370 and 35A. Now, with these constitutional articles abrogated, they are attempting to convince you that they will bring them back.”

“I must inform you that these parties and their leaders do not possess the power to restore the abrogated articles. Therefore, you must not fall prey to their deceptive promises. Exercise your voting right wisely, and do not allow these political gimmicks to continue deceiving you any longer,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Junaid Azim Mattu said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered hugely over the past more than three decades due to political uncertainty and conflict. He emphasised the urgent need for solace to alleviate the ongoing hardships faced by the people.

Mattu said, “We have seen deaths and destruction here over the years. We cannot bear any more suffering; instead, our people urgently require solace to transform their lives for the better. Apni Party is the only party with a clear-cut vision to improve the scenario. I request that you give the Apni Party a fair chance to serve, and we pledge to ensure a prosperous future for Jammu and Kashmir.”

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