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 Skateboarding A Thriving Trend Among Youth

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In the small town of Tangmarg, a 17-year-old dynamo and 11th-grade student, Yamin, has been captivating audiences on YouTube with his daily skateboarding exploits. Undeterred by the challenges, he relentlessly hones his skills, showcasing an unwavering enthusiasm for the sport by performing remarkable tricks and techniques on the streets.

Yamin contemplates the factors contributing to success, dismissing luck and emphasizing two key elements: talent and effort. He defines talent as the innate abilities and skills determining one’s capabilities, while effort pertains to the dedication with which those talents are deployed. “I never considered myself cool enough to skate during my childhood. However, upon reaching my 16th birthday, I decided that coolness no longer mattered. So, I bought a skateboard,” Yamin candidly shared with Kashmir Images.

Amassing a growing fan base on social media, Yamin has attracted seasoned skateboarders among his followers, who generously offer tips to enhance his technique. He describes these insights as “killer tips,” aiding him in conquering increasingly ambitious skateboarding tricks. While his journey has been marked by numerous tumbles, witnessing him master a pop shuvit in his latest video is undeniably satisfying – a testament to his perseverance.

In Kashmir, skateboarding is emerging as a trend, with young enthusiasts like Yamin taking to the streets to exhibit their skills. Despite the less-than-ideal road conditions, Yamin strategically chooses routes with minimal traffic, prioritizing safety in pursuit of his passion. Negotiating the streets of Tangmarg for skateboarding poses challenges, necessitating careful attention to prevent any untoward incidents.

Tangmarg’s residents boast proficiency in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, showcasing their prowess in these activities. However, translating these winter talents into skateboarding on the town’s roads adds an extra layer of complexity, requiring heightened caution due to vehicular traffic.

“I love the feeling of cruising around and the satisfaction of landing a trick I’ve spent hours, days, or even weeks perfecting,” Yamin expressed. Skateboarding, for him, serves as a medium of self-expression and an avenue to revel in youthfulness. “When you successfully accomplish something new for the first time as a young person, it feels amazing – simply awesome,” he concluded, encapsulating the joy and fulfillment derived from his skateboarding endeavors.

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