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Age brings maturity, wisdom

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Respecting, learning from, our elders is our moral duty 

By: AbidHussain Rather

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to overlook the invaluable treasure trove of wisdom and experience that our senior citizens and elders bring to our communities. As we rush through our daily lives, it is essential to take a moment to reflect on the elderly individuals who have contributed so much to society and are still contributing in countless ways. Senior citizens are an invaluable part of our society. They have a wealth of life experience and knowledge, which can be a source of wisdom and inspiration. As a society, we owe a debt of gratitude to the older generation who have contributed to our communities and played a pivotal role in shaping our world.

It is our moral and societal duty to ensure that they lead a life of dignity, comfort, and respect. They have contributed their wisdom, experience, and often a lifetime of hard work to create the world we live in today. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that they enjoy their golden years with dignity, respect, and the support they need. Respecting and helping senior citizens strengthens the social fabric of our communities. It creates a sense of belonging, interdependence, and a culture of empathy and compassion.

Helping and respecting senior citizens is not just a moral obligation; it is a duty we owe to those who have paved the way for our present and future. Senior citizens are a valuable though overlooked part of our society. These individuals have contributed a lifetime of wisdom, experience, and hard work to build the world we live in today. It is our responsibility as a society to ensure that they are not only cared for but also respected for their invaluable contributions.

Understanding the Needs of Elders and Senior Citizens

As people age, they may face a range of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. To offer genuine help and respect to senior citizens, it is crucial to understand their unique needs and challenges. It is crucial to understand and empathize with these challenges to provide appropriate help and respect. Some common challenges that seniors face include:

  • Physical limitations: With age, mobility and physical strength may decline. This can make daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, or even dressing, more difficult. As we grow older, our body strength weakens and doesn’t support us to do needful things for ourselves.
  • Health issues: Seniors are often more prone to health problems, and managing chronic illnesses can become a significantly difficult part of their lives. With growing age, our immunity decreases and we become more prone to various infections and common diseases.
  • Loneliness and isolation: Many senior citizens may experience social isolation due to the loss of friends and family members. Loneliness can lead to mental health issues like depression. In the later stages of life, people are left in isolation assuming that they are old fashioned, uninteresting and boring which ultimately leads to many kind of depressions among elder people.
  • Cognitive decline: With growing age, our IQ decreases and our memory power starts declining. Some seniors may experience memory loss and cognitive decline, making it essential to approach them with patience and understanding.
  • Help at Public Offices : Senior citizens often feel perplexed and confused at public offices. Recognize that many seniors may not be tech-savvy, they need various kinds of help at public offices. Public offices should prioritize accessibility by providing ramps, handrails, and elevators for those with mobility challenges. Elders often need help in information interpretation and proper communication with the employees at public offices.
  • Mobility: Senior citizens may experience reduced mobility. Providing transportation or helping them with daily errands is a significant support. They often need support while walking, travelling or crossing roads.

Knowing and understanding the various needs of senior citizens, it is imperative upon every member of a society to help, support and respect them in every possible way. Following are some of the practical ways to help and respect our elders and senior citizens which may provide insights on how to provide them with the care and consideration they deserve:

Financial Support and Planning:

Financial matters can become increasingly complex with age. It is important to help seniors manage their finances, ensure they are aware of their entitlements, and prevent them from falling victim to financial scams. Seek legal advice for estate planning to protect their assets and provide a sense of security. It is duty of youngers to support them financially when they are unable to earn because of their age factor. Elders too have basic needs like other people have and they need financial support to fulfill their basic needs.

Ensuring Safe and Accessible Housing:

For many seniors, their living conditions may need to be modified for safety and accessibility. This may include installing handrails, ramps, or adapting bathroom facilities. These adjustments not only enhance their quality of life but also prevent accidents. Nowadays elders and senior citizens are taken as burden on the family and are kicked away from the homes which renders them homeless. These issues need to be addressed and special laws and provisions need to be framed to safeguard their shelter.

Providing Emotional Support :

Elderly individuals often face emotional challenges such as loneliness and isolation. Spending time with them, engaging in conversations, and being empathetic can significantly improve their mental well-being. Strong emotional support helps seniors feel valued and cared for. Nowadays most of us remain busy with social media, spending less time with our families especially elders. Resultantly, they feel isolated and secluded. It is better to spend much time with them so that they may feel integrated with other family members which will give them emotional support.

Technological Assistance:

Many senior citizens may not be familiar with modern technology and new digital tactics. We should offer them help to learn how to use smartphones or computers to stay connected with loved ones or access information. Nowadays, most of the offices/banks are digitized. While finding some senior citizen struggling with something in any office, we should readily help him and clear his confusion regarding some issues or handling any gadget.

Listen Actively:

One of the most fundamental ways to respect and honor our seniors is by actively listening to their stories, experiences, and advice. Their life journeys are filled with invaluable lessons that can guide us through our own challenges. When engaging in conversations- put away distractions and give them your full attention. Not only will they appreciate it, but you’ll gain insight and understanding in return and they will in turn feel honoured.

Offer Assistance:

Many seniors may require assistance with daily tasks or errands. Whether it’s helping them with grocery shopping, taking them to medical appointments, or assisting with household chores, offering a helping hand can make a world of difference. These small acts of kindness show that you care and are willing to support them.

Respect Their Independence and Their Perspective:

While it is important to offer help, it is equally crucial to respect their independence. Seniors cherish their autonomy, and we should encourage and enable them to maintain it as long as possible. Ensure that your assistance doesn’t overshadow their ability to make decisions about their own lives. We should try to not interfere in their decisions. Senior citizens often have different viewpoints shaped by their experiences. Even if you disagree, always respect their perspectives and engage in meaningful discussions rather than dismissing their thoughts.

Include Them in Activities:

Isolation and loneliness can be significant and critical issues for senior citizens. Make an effort to include them in social activities and gatherings. Invite them to family events, local community gatherings, or simply spend time with them. Such interactions can provide much-needed companionship and keep their spirits high.

Support Their Health:

Senior citizens often face health challenges. Encourage regular check-ups and help them adhere to prescribed medications or treatments. Physical activity and a balanced diet are crucial for their well-being, so consider engaging in these activities together.

Ensure Safety:

Safety is a top concern for seniors, especially if they live alone. Help them create a safe home environment by addressing potential hazards, such as loose rugs or inadequate lighting. Consider installing handrails or ramps to make their living spaces more accessible. Their rooms should be regularly checked to ensure their safety from any hazard.

Promote Lifelong Learning:

Encourage seniors to pursue lifelong learning. They can take up new hobbies, attend classes, or engage in volunteer work. This not only keeps their minds active but also makes them feel valued in their communities.

Advocate for Their Rights:

Advocate for policies and programs that protect the rights and well-being of senior citizens. Support organizations that focus on senior issues and be aware of elder abuse, reporting any concerns when necessary. Their rights should be strictly safeguarded and any breach should be strictly dealt with law.

In conclusion, helping and respecting senior citizens is an essential part of building a compassionate and inclusive society. Our elders have contributed to the world in countless ways, and it is our responsibility to show gratitude and provide the support and respect they deserve. By implementing these guidelines, we can ensure that the senior citizens in our lives live with dignity and fulfilment in their golden years. In return, their wisdom and experiences can enrich our lives in countless ways, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters a stronger and more compassionate community. Let us remember that age should be celebrated, and senior citizens should be valued for their unique contributions to society.

(The author is an academician, columnist, freelancer and occasional writer and can be reached at [email protected])



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