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Mastering the art of institutional leadership

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By: Mudasir Ali

Leaders in any field have to prove themselves in such a way so that others would trust their actions and words. State leaders have a different role to play for running the state administration. Dynamic leader is the one whose role seems extremely unique in different settings and who continues work in high spirits.

Institutional leadership,in simple terms, is the leadership that is required in an institution in which one has to command others to do work professionally enabling them to provide effective services that will strength the institution for positive growth.  Knowledge and the pragmatic ways could be fundamentally implemented in transforming the working system in the institution.

The Head as leader should be dynamic in inspiring and guiding the subordinates through experience and knowledge. In doing so, He should have qualities such as; sincerity, honesty, decision making, clairvoyance, and above all having good administrative skills to manage everything perfectly. Besides, he must be very innovative to bring a wide change in both the activities. For instance, we draw a map through proper scaling and analysis for making new plans. Likewise, head of the institute has to chalk out plans by restructuring the academic base in order to elevate the learning standard among students at higher levels.

Apart from academics, students excel in different fields when a system is being run like that. It will also impact upon teaching staff to remain friendly with each other and embark on a journey with passion and prowess. Head should always think positively and take care of the staff in every aspect.

It is very important to observe mindset of all the staff members individually- talk to them for knowing their concerns and suggestions that would generate a system of resourceful members. He is truly considered a beacon of light by showing many skills to the staff for turning out to be the best in the field.

There are many examples in private and government institutions in which heads rule just as dynamic leaders by performing outstandingly and efficiently despite having many administrative challenges. Adoption of new strategies will show good results in the long run. Course of action would represent the true picture of the institute unless the role will be played in diversity.

Institutes will achieve their targets when heads are themselves workaholics by putting in many efforts. Quality output of working staff seems valuable when impartiality will prevail from bottom to top. It is true that head must be more adept and analytically sound in administration as experience values dignity.

Following are the ways that would remarkably reflect its true picture

  1. Academic acumen: – The head should work as skilled academician in the institute that would display his true quality. Knowledge of the curriculum is the prime factor that helps to facilitate curriculum activities. In addition, he should keep himself abreast of the current scenario of education for implementing new strategies in order to show positive growth.
  2. Be an effective leader: – Leaders are those who guide and show the right direction. It is very important that head should act as leaders in the working environment. In the institute, the head has to supervise everything minutely and patiently to streamline the function that will benefit the institute as well as students. A leader is the one who softly communicates with his subordinates by showing them team work qualities and making them well equipped to overcome challenges.
  3. Be like an Adept teacher in teaching field: – He should have a good experience in teaching because this component in academics is considered as bigger part. Sometimes, he has to play a role of a teacher by taking classes. This will benefit staff more to learn new things and boost their energy for doing the work.
  4. Decision-making:- This is a very important factor that head of the institute should have decision making skills. He is a responsible person in making decisions in the large interest of institute as well as academics. Though decisions work in rare cases when things are of a different nature.At the time of decision, one must be very capable and determined to set the new plans for future.
  5. Impartial approach towards the staff: – The head is the top official in the institute and he is fully authorized to implement the rules for maintaining the decorum in every aspect. Impartiality shows uniformity and making one team of staff have different areas of work but equally being valued in his eyes. Impartial breaching may prove detrimental to the administration.
  6. Moral principles and integrity: – It is said that values are caught but not taught. Indeed, it is right that teaching staff get motivated and satisfied when they found such good qualities in their head. It increases the trust level and dignified respect for him.
  7. Positive approach: – It is acknowledged that head should work positively and play a crucial role in maintaining the positive environment in the institute that will lead to a synthesized working environment among the staff. Positive approach also effectively works in finding solutions for the problems arising in any manner.

The writer is a teacher and can be reached at [email protected]

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