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Shortage of staff plagues New Health & Wellness Centre in Cheerkote, Lolab

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Critical healthcare needs unmet due to lack of personnel and ambulance services

Cheerkote, (Lolab Kupwara): In a concerning development for the residents of Cheerkote in Lolab Kupwara, the newly established Health & Wellness Centre, boasting 30 rooms and state-of-the-art facilities, is grappling with a severe shortage of staff, leaving patients, especially the economically disadvantaged, in distress.

According to the locals, the Health & Wellness Centre, which was expected to be a beacon of healthcare for the community, is functioning with just one doctor, an MBBS practitioner, who consults patients merely three days a week. Additionally, the facility is staffed by a dental technician and a junior nurse, both of whom are rarely present at the hospital.

The Health & Wellness Centre, despite being well-equipped with modern medical technology, has been rendered largely ineffective due to this chronic understaffing issue. Patients from the local community and neighbouring areas are left without proper medical care, and their suffering has escalated as a result.

One of the primary concerns raised by the residents is the absence of ambulance services at the centre. This poses a significant problem, especially during emergencies when timely transportation to a larger healthcare facility is crucial.

A local resident expressed his anguish, saying, “We had high hopes for this health centre, but it’s heartbreaking to see it underutilized because of the staff shortage. People, especially those with limited means, are struggling to access basic healthcare.”

Despite the challenges faced by the Cheerkote Health & Wellness Centre, local residents remain hopeful that swift action will be taken to rectify the staffing shortfall, allowing the facility to fulfil its intended role as a vital healthcare hub for the community.

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