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A few days back, the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon has been a significant event and topic of wide-spread discussion. This event has also brought widespread recognition to ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), as well.

India, no doubt, is establishing its unique identity in various sectors worldwide today. In the world of space exploration, India is consistently advancing and achieving new milestones. ISRO, India’s national space research organization, aims to provide space-related technologies for the country. The primary goal of ISRO’s mission Chandrayaan 3 is to gather crucial information from the moon, which the world is currently unaware of.

I am currently in Bangalore, and ISRO’s headquarters are also located here. Today, a delightful coincidence occurred as I had the opportunity to meet Dr.Kamlajeet Singh, a senior scientist and group director at ISRO. He had studied at the same college where I taught for years, and during our conversation, we reminisced about the college days. I learned that he had a deep affection for the Hindi language and was a passionate reader/writer of Hindi poetry and stories. Hindi Diwas is approaching, and witnessing his dedication towards the Hindi language, I presented him with a copy of my newly published book, “KuchYaadein: KuchVichar.”

Dr.Kamlajeet Singh, with his humble and straightforward nature, was so over whelmed that he even touched the feet of my wife and myself. This gesture reflects the profound respect our scientists, who dare to touch the moon, hold for their mentors, and it’s an unparalleled contribution to Indian culture. Such persons can serve as a great source of inspiration for the younger generation of our country.

Dr.Shiben Krishen Raina

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