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Indian Army gifts vital causeway to Kashmir’s Gagar Hill Village

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Boniyar: In a gesture of unity and progress, the Indian Army proudly dedicated a crucial causeway in Gagar Hill Village, Boniyar Tehsil to the people of forward areas of Boniyar Tehsil. 

This causeway, connecting remote villages along the Line of Control, signifies a transformative gift to the forward areas of Kashmir, coinciding with the upcoming 77th Independence Day celebrations.

With unwavering determination, the Indian Army undertook a rapid 13-day construction project to address the pressing need for improved infrastructure. Spearheaded by Commander Pir Panjal Brigade, Brig PMS Dhillon, the visionary initiative culminated in the causeway’s inauguration on a joyous Saturday. This accomplishment marks a turning point for the residents of these remote villages, granting them access to essential services and swift medical evacuations during emergencies.

The causeway’s unveiling triggered exuberant celebrations among local residents, reflecting their profound gratitude to the Indian Army.

Drumbeats and dancing resounded, mirroring the shared jubilation and the monumental impact on villagers’ lives.

As India readies itself to commemorate Independence Day, this remarkable gift epitomizes the spirit of service and progress. The Indian Army’s commitment to uplifting remote regions stands tall, showcasing unity and determination for a brighter future.

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