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Dir Horticulture conducts comprehensive tour of Kulgam, Pulwama

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Assesses impact of Apple Leaf Blotch Miner affecting apple orchards

SRINAGAR: The Director of Horticulture Kashmir, G. R. Mir, conducted a comprehensive tour of various areas of District Kulgam to assess the intensity and impact of Apple Leaf Blotch Miner affecting apple orchards.

Accompanied by Chief Horticulture Officer, Kulgam, Subject Matter Specialist, Kulgam and a scientist from KVK, Kulgam, Dr Khurshid Ahmad, the Director assessed the intensity of the infestation and interacted with local orchardists.

The Director’s visit primarily focused on fruit-growing belts in the district, with particular emphasis on areas affected by the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner. Orchards in Yaripora, Matibugh, Badroo, Kokergund, H. M. Bugh, Katpora, Hangul bush, Tarigam, and Batapora were among the locations he visited.

The Director also extended his tour to District Pulwama, visiting various areas viz. Lassipora, Petipora, Nowpora, Panzran, Achan, Litter etc. to gain insights into the spread of the pest. By observing and engaging with local farmers, the Director aimed to understand the specific challenges faced by orchardists in this region.

The emergence of the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner, a new insect pest in certain areas of the Kashmir Valley, has been attributed to the diversification of crops and changes in pest dynamics influenced by climate factors.

During the visit, the Dir observed pest-infested orchards and engaged in discussions with local orchardists to understand the challenges they are facing. He emphasized on the importance of following the advisories issued by SKUAST-K (Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir) and the Department of Horticulture, Kashmir, to effectively control the pest and minimize its impact on fruit crops.

Furthermore, the Director stressed the need to enhance awareness among orchardists about the identification and management of the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner. By disseminating knowledge and best practices, the Department aims to empower orchardists to take proactive measures to protect their orchards.

During the visit, the Director also reviewed the availability of pesticides in the market that are necessary for controlling the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner. Ensuring the availability and accessibility of appropriate pest control measures is crucial for orchardists to effectively manage the pest and safeguard their crops.

The Director of Horticulture Kashmir emphasized the Department’s commitment to supporting the orchardists in combating the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner and promoting sustainable fruit cultivation practices.

He urged orchardists to actively collaborate with the Department and research institutions to stay updated on the latest advancements in pest management techniques.

For further information and guidance on controlling the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner and other horticultural concerns, orchardists are encouraged to reach out to the Department of Horticulture, Kashmir, or SKUAST-K.

On the direction of the Director Horticulture, an awareness camp was held at the village Tarigam, Kulgam which witnessed the participation of a good number of orchardists. The camp aimed to educate and empower farmers with knowledge about the identification, prevention, and control of the Apple Leaf Blotch Miner.

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