Unscheduled power cuts

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People in Kashmir Valley were expecting some sort of relief vis-à-vis power supply following the end of winters but their hopes have been shattered as the Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) is resorting to unannounced power cuts in all the districts here.  Frequent and unscheduled power cuts have become a routine now. With winter coming to an end (although given the weather conditions the temperatures are still low), normally power situation betters in the Valley but not this time round. In winters, at least the concerned department would announce about the power curtailment but now there is no such information available to the consumers. The concerned authorities have not come out with any detailed explanation as to what are the reasons for their frequent power cuts. However, media reports suggest that power cuts are caused by fewer purchases of power being made due to bulging power bills which is draining J&K’s exchequer. The authorities may have lots of explanations to justify the power cuts particularly citing the low generation of income, fact of the matter is that it is the duty of the concerned authorities to inform the public about whatsoever the reasons behind the power curtailment. Consumers, particularly those in metered areas are paying their dues regularly and thus have every right to demand 24×7 power supply. 

One may not disagree with the concerned authorities when they talk about power theft but to check this pilferage is also their responsibility. People, who pay regularly should not be punished for the crimes of those who steal power. Government should come out with a white paper informing people that what number of consumers are having a metered supply and which are the areas where meters are yet to be installed. On one hand the concerned authorities are in a process of installing smart meters to check ant pilferage and have also decided to launch pre-paid billing and on the hand, people are not being supplied the power which they need for their day-to-day usage. 

That said, the public in general too should understand that the government is spending huge money to purchase power and if they don’t pay their bills regularly, they will suffer. Those indulging in power theft are criminals because by doing so they are depriving those people of power supply who pay their dues regularly and honestly. It is responsibility of mohalla and village committees to keep an eye on their surroundings and identify the people who indulge in power theft. And also, those opposing the installation of smart meters should desist from this practice and cooperate with the concerned authorities as this is the only way to check the power pilferage and thus ensure that every consumers gets requisite power supply.

However, the concerned authorities should understand that they owe an explanation to their consumers. They can’t go ahead with unannounced and eratic power cuts without informing the consumers about the reasons behind such steps. The authorities need to come forward and share with the consumers whatever issues they are facing in maintaining proper power supply. That is what a people-friendly, responsible, responsive and transparent administration is supposed to do.

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