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Govt refutes media report on delay in road connectivity to Ahadwah village in Ramban

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Says two projects underway to provide connectivity to this hilltop village

RAMBAN: The Government today strongly refuted a news report published in a daily local newspaper regarding the delay in road connectivity to remote Ahadwah Panchayat, in Ramban District.

Describing the contents of the news report published in daily “Greater Kashmir” today as misleading, a Government spokesperson stated that attempts are being made to connect Ahadwah panchayat through two national schemes, one under PMGSY and another under NABARD. “While directions have been given to complete the last mile coverage of 4.93 km up to Ahadwah via Marog-Balihote under PMGSY, the survey of Phase II under NABARD is currently underway to provide alternate connectivity through Neera and Batiya panchayats,” he added.
Contesting the claim made by the news report that the said PMGSY road was sanctioned in the year 2003-04, the spokesperson informed that whereas Phase I of the said road was sanctioned in 2005-06 its Phase II was sanctioned in the year 2017-18.

He said that out of total length of 24.33 kms, road upto 19.40 kms has already been constructed which also stands blacktopped upto 15 kms and the remaining portion has been prioritized for completion in this FY.

Highlighting the challenges in providing road connectivity in hilly and mountainous terrain in Ramban District, the spokesperson said the Marog-Ahadwah road via Balihote was foreclosed twice in the past due to local hindrances and forest clearance issues. “Ahadwah panchayat is literally on a mountain top and despite stiff challenges, substantial progress has been achieved”, he said, assuring to give connectivity to Ahadwah in this FY.
Handing out an assurance on behalf of the Government to connect all unconnected villages, the spokesperson said that more than 1000 souls will be benefitted once the 12 km NABARD road to Ahadwah gets completed, adding that the project amounting to Rs. 2.49 crore sanctioned in Phase I shall be completed shortly.
Highlighting the challenges in execution of work to connect Ahadwah village, which is at a very steep gradient, the Government spokesman urged the people to cooperate in completion of the survey for Phase II of the project under NABARD. “Certain people are creating hindrances in the road survey and various deputations have demanded alternate take off points, but directions have been given to ensure that the survey is completed and DPR for Phase II under NABARD framed without any delay”, he said, adding the PRIs have been requested to facilitate the execution of road project by holding special Gram Sabhas.

The spokesman reiterated that phase I of road to Ahadwah under NABARD from Neerah, after its take off point from Mehar, was washed away in a landslide.

He further emphasised that under NABARD scheme, no land compensation is provided for private land which comes in the alignment of the road.

The spokesman also handed out an assurance in expediting infrastructure development works once road connectivity to Ahadwah panchayat is provided as this will facilitate transportation of material and equipment to this hilltop panchayat.

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