Dr. Tasaduk Hussain Itoo

Dr Israr Ahmed- The inspirational Islamic scholar

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To begin with the name of Almighty Allah (SWT), we must always be thankful enough and owe due credit of our success to HIM only. The more we owe credit of our success to our Lord, the more we get closer to HIM and seek HIS pleasure. To realise a dream in our life – we must always give right direction to it. Ensuring right direction to a dream will bring success and enable us to fulfil the true purpose of our life –seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah. That right direction to a dream is possible only by imbibing and seeking true guidance, good character and values – by following the Word of Almighty Allah through Holy Qur’an and noble teachings of His beloved messenger – Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Islam is a perfect religion and the last prophet, the epitome of humanity as well as of prophethood, is blessing for entire creation including humanity. He (SAW) enlightened the lives of people with the education of Islam and guided us onto the right path.

A very prominent Hadith says that the scholars are the deputies of messengers and prophets and in Islam we have seen great number of visionary scholars and personalities who devoted their lives to the cause of Islam. One among such personalities was Dr. Israr Ahmed (RA)- a prominent scholar who influenced a great number of modern- day scholars and public speakers.

He was a Muffasir, an Islamic author, a thorough intellectual who enlightened the lives of people from all sects with the education of Islam, revolutionized millions of people with his great sort of determination, passion and devotion towards the work of Dawah, while at the same time having deep understanding on the issues of current relevance and contemporary times. Moreover, his powerful speeches inculcate an idea about his forthcoming predictions, which significantly carry huge relevance in today’s times.

The soulful speeches of Dr. Israr Ahmed – solely based on the Word of Allah (the Holy Qur’an) and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAW) are found to be an ideal guide – phenomenally meant for our spiritual development and character building. During the current age of social media and digital revolution, we are blessed to have an unlimited access to the sermons by renowned religious scholars like Dr. Israr Ahmed – whose role in developing and shaping our character is phenomenal.

Ye Raaz Kisi Ko NahinMaloomKe Momin

Qari NazarAata Hai, Haqiqat Mein Hai Qur’an(Allama Iqbal)

He was a great Islamic academic, humanitarian, an institution and always found to encourage truth, peace and tranquillity in his speeches. He taught us lessons of truthfulness, bravery and courage. His magnanimous speeches delivered in the light of Holy book of Qur’an and the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAW), were soul-enriching and have a revolutionary impact on the millions of lives. He believed in the Prophetic and Caliph model of Islamic revolution. He is an inspiration and a guiding light to millions. We should carry forward his legacy and adhere upon the teachings that he has taught to us. May Almighty Allah bless his noble soul highest places in Jannah…Aameen.

Having said that, we have to follow the teachings of Holy book of Qur’an(The Word of Allah) and Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) to live a life of peace, prosperity, happiness, justice and in best way for service to humanity through pleasure of Almighty Allah. Following the Qur’an(The Word of Allah) and teachings of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) would serve as an ideal motivation and guide in fulfilling the true purpose of life and fulfilling our dreams and aspirations in this world in a rightful, truthful, justiful and humanity-serving way.

Moreover, we have to discover Allah’s blessings through realizing our inner being and get to know the real purpose of our life. Our journey in this world is just a test to do good deeds in order to achieve the final dream, that is beyond our sight(the world hereafter and its magnanimous reward, Jannat Ul Firdous). We are from Allah to this world – here we have to work to please HIM( that is the real purpose of this life) and to HIM we shall return – and when we return, we should have pleased our Lord to such an extent so that HE should happily receive us and bless with that magnanimous award of Jannat Ul Firdous (the final dream).

Har Ek Maqam Se Aage Maqam Hai Tera;

Hayat Zouq-e- Safar Kay Sewa Kuch Aur Nahi (Allama Iqbal).

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