Spiritual malady among the young

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A poem…

By: Dr FirdoosWani

The young generation, lost in their screens,

Their eyes fixed on pixels, a world unseen.

Lost in the digital, the virtual, the fake,

They’ve forgotten the beauty of a sunrise, a lake.

Where is the spirituality that once lit their soul?

The belief in something greater, beyond their control?

In this fast-paced world, they’ve forgotten to stop,

To breathe in the air, to feel the raindrops.

No longer do they seek the wisdom of old,

Or the guidance of sages, the stories untold.

They’ve lost touch with nature, with the earth,

With the universe, the cosmos, their worth.

But there is still hope for this young generation,

To rediscover spirituality, to find inspiration.

To seek the truth in the silence of their mind,

To find meaning, purpose, and leave the world behind.

For spirituality is not just about religion or creed,

It’s about finding your place, your path, your need.

It’s about connecting with your heart, your soul,

And discovering the beauty that makes you whole.

So let the young generation awaken to this call,

To find their spirituality, to stand tall.

To see beyond the screens, to find their way,

And to live in the light of a new day.

The author is a PhD Scholar can be mailed [email protected]


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