Quran: The Purpose of Life

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The Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) said that, “The best of those amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and then teaches it to others.”

AL Quran is the book of guidance the purpose of life. The Quran is the last Holy Scripture from Allah SWT. It contains the word of Allah. The Quran was verbally revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by angel Gabriel in the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, in 609CE. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad over 23 years. Muslims believe the Quran is holy scripture that hasn’t been altered, unlike other religious scriptures. This ensures the importance of the Quran.

The holy Quran is the everlasting miracle of Allah’s last Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). The Quran is the only guidance you require if you’re a believer.

What is meant by the word ‘Quran’?

The ‘Quran’ comprises Allah’s texts that have been penned in Arabic, and in Arabic, it means recitation. All Muslims around the world, irrespective of their language and country, must carry out the recitation of the Quran.

The Quran consists of various principles of ethics and deeds that will help all Muslims to achieve bliss and peace of mind. The importance of the Quran in our life cannot be emphasized enough andit acts as a complete guide on how to lead our day-to-day life. The holy Quran was sent as divine inspiration for all Muslims from Allah SWT. It helps in mending any broken relationships between all believers and Allah SWT, through acts of obedience, worship & remembrance. The purpose of all believers should be to glorify Allah SWT. We must always strive to surrender and commit ourselves to Allah, wholeheartedly. This will guarantee us paradise and ensure salvation.

In the Quran, it has been highlighted that believers who’d be righteous and follow the teachings of the Quran would be rewarded with Paradise for their good deeds and faith.

4 key beliefs that have been mentioned in the Quran are:

  • Oneness of Allah SWT and Muhammad (PBUH) being the last messenger and prophet.
  • The life hereafter
  • Day of resurrection
  • Guidance to humanity by Allah SWT through the prophets

Quran Majeed is a living book, whoever read the Quran, the purpose for which that purpose is achieved. It is a different matter that we do not give the same dignity and respect to the Holy Quran. Really understand this thing that you should open the Holy Qur’an and look for your problems from there, surely you will find the solution of these problems in this lovely book. To connect a personal  to God, one can only tell you that is holy Qur’an.

The impact it has on our day-to-day lives

The teachings of the Quran strictly forbid any forms of misbehavior, selfishness, consumption of drugs or alcohol, gambling, adultery, backbiting, anger & arrogance.

Believers are told, upon giving up the aforementioned acts, they would achieve happiness and success. It won’t cause them to be trapped within the cycle of evil, so their lives won’t be miserable.

It teaches us Spiritual, Moral & Social values

The holy Quran offers you divine social, spiritual and moral values. This reflects the perfection of Allah SWT. It also shows his endless love for the believers. You must follow the divine teaching of the Quran with admiration and humility.

The Quran will teach you how to worship Allah SWT. Following the teachings of the Quran also means you can lead a wise, healthy, & harmonious life. You will remain shielded from the pull of the self-indulgent guilty pleasures of life.

Importance of Quran in our Life

You will understand the significance of the Holy Quran once you have a good understanding of its purpose. All prophets sent by Allah SWT had a sole aim that is to guide humanity.

With each prophet, the instructions that Allah SWT sent previously would be completed. Much similar to other holy books, the purpose of the Quran is as stated below –

  • Guide humankind
  • To verify the books that came beforehand


When we read the Quran we find instructions regarding all aspects of life: political, social, economic, ethical, marital, and many others. These instructions provide us with all the details needed to perform a certain act according to the teachings of the Quran and Allah Almighty. In Noble Quran Allah (SWT) says: “Indeed, there has come to you light and a clear book from Allah; with it Allah guides him who fill follows His pleasure into the ways of safety and brings them out of utter darkness into light by his will and guides them to the right path.” (Quran, 5: 15- 6)

Some basic teaching of Quran

  • First of all, Quran teaches us to give respect and honor to all human beings irrespective of their religion, color, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession and so on. (Quran,17:70)
  • One should talk straight without any ambiguity. (Quran, 33:70)
  • Choose the best words to speak and say them in the best possible way. (Quran,17:53 & 2:83)
  • Speak politely while keeping the voice low. (Quran,31:19)
  • Do not confound truth with falsehood. (Quran, 2:42)
  • Always say what is in your heart. (Quran, 3:167)
  • Always be just in your opinion, even if it is against a relative. (Quran, 6:152)
  • Do not be arrogant with people. (Quran, 31:18)
  • Walk with humility and sedateness. (Quran, 25:63)
  • If you do not have complete knowledge about anything, it’s better to keep your mouth shut. You might think that speaking about something without full knowledge is insignificant. But it might have grave consequences. (Quran, 24:15)
  • Be moderate in thy pace. (Quran, 31:19)

Postscript: in current juncture , we need the Holy Quran to follow its decisions, which can bring peace and prosperity in our lives. Islam is the complete code of life which is according to the teachings of the Quran. Quranic verses are the best way of life that we all should learn, understand and implement in our lives. Ameen!

The author is PhD scholar,writer and columnist can be reached [email protected]

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