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MVD Kashmir suspends 35 driving licenses

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Srinagar: The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) Kashmir has suspended as many as 35 driving licenses for different offenses under the Motor Vehicles Act in various districts of Kashmir so far this year.

This was revealed by the ARTOs in a review meeting today on the issue, convened by the Regional Transport Officer, Kashmir.

The licenses have been suspended for offenses like rash driving, using Mobile phones while driving, overspeeding and overloading, etc.

Under the provisions of the Act, the offender is given an opportunity of hearing in case he/she feels that he/she has reasons enough to plead his case. In case of a first violation, the license is suspended for three months. However, the department can suspend the licenses for up to six months after hearing the offender.

RTO Kasmir directed the ARTOs to publish the details of the violators in the future, whose licenses have been suspended including the vehicle number, license number, and photographs of the violator who is found to be guilty.

He further insisted that if a license holder is found involved in multiple violations of the same kind, his license shall be canceled.

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