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World must compel Sweden to apologize to Muslims

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Stop the desecration of the Holy Quran and punish the controversial person

By: Masud Rana

Last Saturday, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström responded to the storm of criticism in various countries over the desecration of the Holy Quran in Stockholm in a message on his Twitter page. This is the Swedish government’s duplicity in the name of condoning freedom of expression

Billström said in his tweet that anti-Islamic incitement is a terrible thing. However, Sweden enjoys complete freedom of expression, but this does not mean that the Swedish government or I approve of their reactions.” As a result, it is understood that the Swedish government has taken a two-pronged stance on the desecration of the Holy Quran in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Near the Turkish embassy in Sweden, 40-year-old Rasmus Paludan, an extreme right-winger, set fire to a copy of the Holy Quran. At that time around 100 supporters of his party and security forces gave him protection. Various organizations have expressed their anger in this incident.  Rasmus Paludan is a Danish-Swedish politician and lawyer and the leader of the far-right group “Hard Line”, founded in 2017. Palodan received Swedish citizenship in 2020. He is known for his anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant views. The man has been prosecuted numerous times in Denmark for breaking the law. Now he has started burning the Quran in different cities of Sweden.

He visited Muslim immigrant neighbourhoods in each city and burned the Quran. This has led to protests by migrant Muslims and their violent response to clashes with the police. Paludan previously contested the 2019 Danish parliamentary election with the slogans “Muslims leave Denmark” and “Ban Islam in Denmark”, but was defeated. He said at the time that he hoped to be able to run many of his activities in Sweden after receiving Swedish citizenship. In 2020, the far-right activist also set fire to a copy of the Holy Quran in Malmö, Sweden, leading to widespread violent clashes and protests.

After the burning of the Holy Quran by this extreme right wing in front of the Turkish Embassy in Sweden, the Islamic countries have collectively protested this humiliating and anti-Islamic act.

In the case of desecration of the Holy Quran in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there is a storm of anger and condemnation all over the world, including the Middle East.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Pakistan condemned and protested the harsh Swedish government for allowing racist and xenophobic acts. Khabar Daily Sabahar. Several protests and rallies were held in Bangladesh also. The Bangladesh government also condemned the heinous act.

After the far-right politician Rasmus Paludan received permission from the Swedish government to burn the Holy Quran in front of the Turkish embassy, various countries including the Middle East condemned and protested this shameful incident. The notorious extremist received complete protection from the police while committing the worst act of blasphemy.

“Let us reject hatred and extremism and spread the message of tolerance and rectitude around the world,” Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Jordan rejected this incident with disgust, saying that this incident of burning the Holy Quran will incite religious hate activities. For this, such activities should be stopped and the culture of peace and harmony should be spread. The country called it a collective responsibility to condemn extremism.

Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Zubair Al Sabah said in a statement that the incident of burning the Quran has hurt the hearts of Muslims around the world. The country’s foreign minister demanded that the person involved in the incident be held accountable.

Egypt strongly condemned the incident, saying it hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims in the Muslim world.

Warning about the dangers of such hateful acts, Egypt said that such heinous acts should be avoided and the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence should be upheld.

The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have also condemned and protested the burning of the Holy Quran. Qatar condemns Swedish authorities for allowing the burning of the Holy Quran The country called on the international community to fulfill its responsibility to reject hatred and violence.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement, “We condemn this heinous act in the strongest possible terms.” Despite our repeated warnings, this heinous incident took place.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that this senseless and provocative action has hurt the religious sentiments of nearly 2 billion Muslims around the world.

It is worth noting here that not only Islamic countries but also Russia as a Christian majority country reacted to this aggressive move. Russia’s representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, has strongly criticized the recent incident of Koran burning in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

Anti-Islamism and violence against Muslims have been on the rise in European countries in recent years. The rise and growing role of extreme right-wing movements, parties and individuals has played an important role in this regard.

A Danish far-right leader publicly set fire to the Holy Quran in the Swedish town of Linköping earlier (April, 2022). Recently, in Sweden, there was another incident like the burning of the Quran. The Muslim world has risen against this insult to the Book of Allah. Demonstrations have been going on for about a week in various cities of the northern European country in protest. Many Muslim-majority countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan condemned the incident.

The recent Quran burning incident was carried out by a radical political party called Strum Kurs in Sweden. In English the group is called ‘Hard Line’. This organization has long been known as anti-immigration and anti-Islam. The group is led by Rasmus Paludan, a Swedish citizen of Danish origin.

Paludan, a 40-year-old politician and lawyer, founded his hard-line party Sturm Kurs in 2017 with an anti-Muslim and anti-immigration agenda. The group has since campaigned for a ban on Islam in Sweden and the expulsion of non-Westerners.

In a video message in December 2018, Rasmus said, ‘Islam and Muslims are our enemies. It would be great if there was not a single Muslim in this world. Then we will reach the ultimate goal.

Strom Kurs participated in Sweden’s 2019 national election. But did not win a single seat. Rasmus is planning to contest the election again in June 2023. It was under his leadership that the extremist group burned a copy of the Holy Qur’an in the southern Swedish city of Linköping on April 14. Not only that; Rasmus Paludan announced to burn more Qurans in the future.

In a post on Facebook, he said, “Now is the right time to burn the Quran.” (Nauzubillah) He also announced that this time they will pour “pig’s blood” on the holy book. (Nauzubillah)

Protests started in various cities of Sweden, including the capital Stockholm, against the arrogance of Rasmus and are still ongoing. Protesters have been calling for an end to burning the Holy Quran and insulting Muslims.

All scriptures of the world are objects of great dignity and respect to their followers. Therefore desecration of scriptures is condemned in all religions. Al-Quran is the most read scripture in the world. Desecration and disrespect of the Qur’an in Islam is a grave crime and a gross transgression.

The Holy Qur’an is the key to the dignity of the Muslim nation. Whoever has been associated with the Qur’an throughout the ages, Allah has increased his status manifold. Hazrat Gabriel (A.S.) carried the message of the Holy Quran. As a result, Allah made him the most dignified of the angels. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As a result, he became the leader of all people before and after him, even the prophets.

The Holy Qur’an is the eternal word of Allah. So for everyone who participates or participates in the desecration of the Qur’an, there is great suffering and terrible punishment in this world and the hereafter. As it is said in the Qur’an, ‘Woe to every great liar who listens to the recitation of Allah’s verses but remains arrogantly steadfast (in his doctrine). As if he hadn’t heard. So give him the glad tidings of a terrible punishment. (Surah Al-Jathiyah , verses: 7-8)

Almighty Allah created mankind and gave him the status of the best creature in creation. If the Ashraful Makhlukat i.e. the best creature in creation forgets his real master and disobeys his commandments, then his master is not only displeased with him, but compelled to punish him. However, since Allah is Most Merciful and Compassionate, He does not apply immediate punishment. He gives respite, chance again and again.

Moreover, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) prayed to Allah Ta’ala that his Ummah should not be destroyed by severe natural calamities such as the transformation of the human form into the shape of monkeys, pigs, etc.

The desecration of the Holy Quran of more than nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world has caused bleeding in the hearts of Muslims. I don’t know the language to protest the worst barbarity and cruelty. Almighty Allah, the owner of the Holy Qur’an, is watching. Justice will surely be assured in the Hereafter. The responsibility of the safekeeping of the Holy Quran of Iron Mahfuz is with Allah. We Muslims are giving judgment in the court of Allah by strongly condemning and protesting. May Allah destroy the disbelieving Jews, hypocrites and oppressors. Just as you destroyed Pharaoh’s disobedient disobedience in ages.

In this era, the faith of most of the more than two hundred million Muslims in the world is not strong. Even knowing that Satan is a mischief-maker, Muslims cannot escape Satan’s deception. Human life is very short, for a few days the life of the world is a place of testing. May Allah keep you in the custody of the Muslims and keep them in truth and justice. Give Tawfiq a strong protest against the notorious oppressors.We strongly condemn and protest this heinous crime and also condemn the silence of all Muslim countries against it. The group of infidels will be destroyed very soon.

When people transgress the limits in committing sins, Allah’s punishment is revealed. God caught the wicked Pharaoh only when he claimed to be God. Allah Almighty said: ‘O Musa! Go to Pharaoh, he has become very arrogant.’ (Sura Taha: 24)

Nimrod was punished by God only when he claimed to be Lord. Similarly the nations of Ad, Thamud etc. were destroyed because of their unbounded wickedness.

The Israelites rejected the Torah, the book of God. Instead of good food i.e. manna and salwa, he asked for food produced by the land. Amalek refused to fight with the community. Despite enjoying the innumerable blessings of Allah, he remained ungrateful.

As a result, they have fallen into eternal humiliation and wrath of Allah. By discussing these stories of earlier prophets in the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala meant that if the Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH) and those like them indulged in wrongdoing, then they would have a similar fate and would have to face the same fate.

People of every religion who believe in God should speak out against this act of blasphemy.”  We call the Swedish government to be accountable in this regard.

Al Quran is the last heavenly book sent by Allah Rabbul Alamin. This book was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to show people the way to liberation. This book is the most sacred book for the Muslim world. Millions of Hafez have memorized this book of Quran and kept it in their hearts. The daily activities of Muslims are conducted according to the provisions of this holy book. However, the Swedish government has done an extremely stupid thing by allowing a racist and Islamophobic person to burn the Holy Quran. It hurt the hearts of Muslims. Allowing such anti-Islamic acts under the guise of freedom of expression cannot be accepted in any way. This is a gross insult to the target and sacred values of Muslims. The Swedish government should immediately Apologize to Muslims and punish the controversial person. Otherwise the Muslim world will boycott Sweden.

Muslim countries must protest against the burning of the Quran.  The leaders must immediately call on the Swedish government to apologize to Muslims and punish the controversial figure. Otherwise, the Muslim world must warn that it will boycott Sweden. There is a deep conspiracy against Muslims all over the world. The so-called civilized countries are hurting the liver of Muslims with genocide, occupation, torture and looting. As part of that, the Holy Quran was burned by state-sponsored extremists in Sweden – an affront to Muslims. This perceived act cannot be freedom of expression in any way; Rather, under the guise of freedom of expression, the sacred values of Muslims have been systematically insulted. We call on the OIC, Arab League, United Nations and other conscientious people of the world to take effective measures to stop such abominable acts.

The writer is a researcher

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