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Ideas, actions, strategies and human life

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By: Abid Hussain Rather

The world as it looks today was never the same before. It changes continuously and no two eras of the past have been identical. The frequent changes introduce us to new things and new phenomena with every passing day. Changes may occur naturally or owing to human efforts as we have the ability to change the world- beautify it like heaven or destroy it and make it hell. Positive ideas and actions executed with proper strategies have always led to progress and development of nations by bring positive changes in the societies.

Among all the creatures, human beings have the best ability for creative thinking an executing their plans and strategies to solve their problems. All other creatures except human beings have limited thinking ability enough for their living (like they can think about eating, drinking etc.) beyond which they can’t understand anything and they are sans creative thinking. Accordingly, they are not responsible for their actions. Tomorrow they will not be asked about what they have done for the betterment of the world as their minds can’t understand the complex and complicated things and they can’t execute strategies and plans to solve problems. But human beings are completely responsible for their deeds as God has bestowed them with the power of creative thinking and logical reasoning.

Every human creation around us passes through two stages of the process of creation. The first thing is the idea. As Earl Nightingale, an American radio speaker and author, has said that everything begins with an idea. Every concoction or innovation has its roots in its idea. Whenever an idea comes to our mind, it activates our mind which in turn incites us for some action. Action is aftereffect of an idea. According to Helen Keller, ideas without actions are useless. Once an idea strikes our mind, we give it a practical shape through our actions which results in some innovation. Everything which occurs in our mind through ideas demand concrete contemplation and concise strategies for their existence in actuality. Unless and until proper strategies are not executed for their implementation, no idea striking our mind can attain practicality with all its components. Richard M. Kovacevich has rightly said that “A vision and strategy aren’t enough. The long-term key to success is execution. each day. Every day.”

Similarly, aphoristic and effective planning is indispensable for successful and happy human life. Every strategy for successful life needs our complete attention and keen focus. Concise speculation incites us to give our ideas a practical shape. We should have a lucid and clear cut image of our ideas. To give practical shape to our ideas we need to note them and pay attention to them. Naturally, ideas occur to every mind but they slip away or soon get eluded from our mind as we mostly don’t pay attention to them. Ideas need consideration, thoughtfulness and proper actions to give them a practical shape. They need to be nourished and cherished by paying attention to them and preparing a mental image of all our thoughts regarding a particular matter by coordinating them in a well organised manner which eases our actions in later stage.

To make this point clear, let me explain it by giving example of column writing or blog writing. Most people while writing about a particular topic can’t writing more than two or three paragraphs about it and their ideas vanish away after penning down just few lines. The reason lies in the fact that they don’t put their thoughts and ideas in a well organised manner and they also don’t synthesize and synchronize their ideas about a particular topic in an organised system. Contrarily, a professional writer collects all his ideas about a particular thing in details, gives them a well organised shape in his mind and then starts writing and finally produces his thoughts in the form of a lucid, beautiful and well organised story or write-up.

Our life is akin to a beautiful penned down story. It is full of beautiful events, episodes and ideas and we are the creators of our own stories. It is our duty towards our life to be serious about it and pay full attention towards it. Everyone among us aspires to accomplish great things in our lives. So whatever you aspire to accomplish, generate ideas about it in your mind and organise them in a well ordered and systematic framework and foster them. It becomes easy to put well organised and nourished ideas with proper strategies in actions and achieve desired results. Writers, novelists, critics, actors, musicians and all other artists work on this basic principle to make their lives successful. Broadly speaking, all the successful businessmen of the world achieve their dreams by putting their ideas into actions with proper strategies.

A successful commercial institute is always the brainchild of an idea successfully put in practical action with tactful strategy. It is one of the natural principles that when we focus our mind on a specific idea, we become fully involved in it and our entire existence becomes subordinate to our thoughts. It prepares us to give our ideas a practical shape promptly. Consistency and harmony in our thoughts beautifies our actions and play a vital role in making our life purposeful. When we divert our mind from unnecessary thoughts and consistently remain absorbed in positive and purposeful thinking, it carves out our way for successful life easily. In conclusion, we must bear in mind that for a successful and aimful life, we need to be serious towards our lives and pay full attention to our creative ideas. We should not waste our energy in perturbed and eccentric thought  as they disturb our mind and badly affected our mental health. Rather, we should nourish and develop positive and purposeful ideas in our mind and put them in action with thoughtful strategies to achieve our goals.

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