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BJP can’t succeed through A, B, C parties: JKPCC Chief

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Bhaderwah: JKPCC Chief Vikar Rasool Wani has said that BJP can’t succeed to form a government through A, B, and C parties in Jammu and Kashmir and told people to be ready to reject opportunist forces in the next elections.

Addressing a large Congress rally at Bhaderwah today along with Working President Raman Bhalla organised by DCC under the leadership of Sheikh Mujeeb, Vikar Rasool Wani lashed out at the politics of hate and division for power and asked people to reject opportunist forces in the next elections.

Vikar Rasool Wani lashed out at the opportunist forces and questioned the unholy alliance entered by the BJP with the PDP for the sake of power when the BJP had nothing in common with the agenda of the PDP. “Some political parties seek votes by fooling people with their agenda but later enter into unholy alliances.”

The Congress has never compromised on its ideology nor shall do in the future for sake of power nor has Congress indulged in double speak on any issue to befool or emotionally blackmail the electorate. “Our stand has remained unchanged on all significant issues and always guided people on the right path of harmony and brotherhood for the peace and progress of future generations.”

The Congress will fight against all sorts of communal and fundamentalist forces and work to forge unity in society. “It will not compromise on its secular policies and strengthening the bonds amongst people of different faiths and regions and integration of the country. It will not compromise on its principles for sake of power and it can only form a government with like-minded parties on common agenda.”

“Jammu and Kashmir has always received special attention in every sphere of development and progress and in the matter of special treatment in funds. The entire Jammu and Kashmir got a special focus on funds and development under UPA’s regime of ten years and witnessed massive development,” he added.

Working President Raman Bhalla lashed out at the BJP for its politics of division and opportunism and said that it has shared power with all those political parties whom they always blamed for their philosophy and political slogans terming them anti-national and whatnot and can’t be trusted.

“BJP is the most power-hungry party and it compromised its ideology and election slogans for the sake of sharing power but it will never succeed in its power politics through back door by sponsoring proxy parties in the future. BJP should apologize to the electorates for deceiving their mandate and compromising its philosophy for power against all principles,” Bhalla said.

He said that the people of the Jammu region, especially the youth, feel betrayed by the BJP and the state lost its status, dignity, and identity apart from the rights to land and jobs guaranteed since Maharaja.

“BJP failed to protect minorities in Kashmir who are under more targets these days and all Jammu employees are also at risk of their lives. Is it the new Kashmir of BJP, where minorities are being killed and forced to migrate, he questioned? He urged people to strengthen Congress to get the erstwhile state back to its status and glory.”

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