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Gujarat could become top state as people rejected lucrative promises and false propaganda: PM Modi

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Navsari:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said no one had imagined Gujarat could become the top state as it faced droughts and other issues but the people ensured the turnaround by electing BJP and rejecting false propaganda and lucrative promises.

The prime minister was addressing a poll rally in Navsari town in south Gujarat on the third day of his campaign for the next month’s Assembly elections in which the BJP is seeking a seventh straight term.

“In the past, people used to say Gujarat can’t progress because it lacked natural resources, it has a long coastline. That it has the desert on one side and Pakistan on the other side. (They used to say) Gujarat faces droughts frequently. In addition, Gujarat used to suffer due to frequent communal riots and curfews,” said Modi, who had served as the chief minister of the state before assuming the Prime Minister’s office in 2014.

The elections to 182 constituencies will be held in two phases on December 1 and December 5. In the first phase, polling will be held on 89 seats.

“In the past, no one ever imagined that Gujarat could become number one in terms of development in the country. And today, it has become possible. Gujarat now has the best roads, 24-hour electricity, tap water connection, and many other basic amenities,” the prime minister said.

He said Gujarat could become number one because the people of the state voted as per their wisdom and elected BJP “without falling pray to any false propaganda or lucrative promises”.

He said Navsari’s famous fruit sapota or chiku is also sold in Delhi.

“Politicians in Delhi are fond of eating Navsari’s chiku. But, unfortunately, after eating Navsari’s chiku, they abuse us after coming to Gujarat,” the prime minister said without taking names.

He accused the previous Congress governments in Gujarat of doing nothing for the welfare of fishermen “because there was no ‘malai’ (corrupt money) involved”.

The BJP government had introduced Sagar Khedu Scheme for the overall welfare and uplift of fishermen and also extended benefits of Kisan Credit Cards, he said.

“We have recently introduced a Drone Policy. This will also benefit fishermen. They can use drones to transport the catch to nearby cities from the coastline. This will make available fresh fish in cities and thus increase fishermen’s income,” Modi added.

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