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Withdraw order granting permission to departmental stores to sell beer: GH Mir

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JAMMU: Apni Party Senior Vice President, Ghulam Hassan Mir today appealed to the LG Manoj Sinha to withdraw the order granting permission to the departmental stores in J&K to sell beer keeping in view the sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a well-attended joining programme at the Apni Party office in Gandhi Nagar, Hassan Mir said that the LG should rethink and withdraw the order in the public interest.

“The society in J & K, irrespective of religious identity, does not accept liquor or open sale of beer in departmental stores. It is considered a stigma,” he said.

He further said that the Govt should respect the sentiments of the people and the disapproval of the people.

Therefore, the order should be withdrawn and the LG administration should leave such decisions to the elected Govt, he said.

“The decisions which are taken without consulting the public representatives often land the Govt in trouble. Therefore, let the assembly elections be held and then the decision should be left to an elected Govt,” he added.

He was addressing a joining programme which was organised by District President Rural-B, Harpreet Singh in which dozens of people from R.S. Pura joined the Apni Party. These people were welcomed into the Party by Ghulam Hassan Mir. 

Welcoming them into the Party fold, he said that “People in Jammu have been attracted towards Apni Party due to the programmes and policy of the party which does not believe in regions. But want to keep the people of both the regions united and take the people of Jammu as well as Kashmir along.”

He said that “If Apni Party forms the next Govt we will implement the Social Security Scheme in the interest of the people. We will enhance the window pension up to Rs 5000, will give four cooking gas cylinders in a year under the Ujjwala scheme, and will provide 500 units of free electricity during summer and 300 units of free electricity during winter to the people in Jammu.”

He assured that “the Apni Party makes no difference between the two regions, but wants to work for the upliftment of the living standard of the people from all the sections of the society.”

On this occasion, he asked the party leaders to intensify the door-to-door campaign and make people aware of the agenda and policy of the Party.

He expressed happiness towards the work done by the Jammu-based leaders as the Party has gained strength even in villages and remote areas with large numbers of people continuing to join the Party.

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