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Say no to Drugs

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Youth Sahar Welfare Foundation New Delhi organized a day long painting competition with children under the age of 15 at Wanpora PulwamaOn the birth anniversary of renowned artist M F Hussain. The objective of the event was to create awareness among the youth on increasing drug abuse especially in Kashmir. ‘One step Against Intoxication’was the theme of the competition and children were free to use any medium including painting or rangoli. “We provided children with material and the way they expressed themselves and their ideas was amazing” said Mohammad Irfan who convened the event. He further added that,“In the valley the drug addiction is constantly increasing whatever be the reason we need to take it seriously and step forward and collectively stand against it.”

Mohammad Irfan the convenor of the painting competition, highlighted the purpose of the program, saying that there is dire need of such kind of programs in the valley because the way our younger generation is getting addicted to drugs our future looks gloomy.  Bhatt also praised the campaign being run by the government against drugs and said that this is not only the responsibility of government, but every citizen must raise their voice against drug abuse.

“Our kids are very talented not only did they showed the direct effect of drugs on an individual but they surprisinglythrough their artwork brough forthother consequences of drug addiction including drug being a reasonfor increase inroad accidents,” said Bhatt.

Mohammad Ammar of Youth Sahar Welfare Foundation said, “all children participating in this painting competition are the future,they will lead this society and they should pledge that they will be part of every event and campaign initiated for the betterment of society. He urged that everyone should act in a way to make society free of drug abuse”.  Adding that, “Everyonehas a responsibility to come forward and participate in such campaigns.”

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