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The decision of J&K School Education Department (SED) to establish Virtual Reality Lab (VRL) in each district of Jammu and Kashmir has been hailed by one and all. With new education policy, India is heading towards an educational system that, on one hand, would help make students more creative and innovative and on the hand keep them rooted in their own culture. This new policy has opened up so many avenues for the students and has made the process of education entirely student centric. In this backdrop, the introduction of VRLs is yet another step to help students hone their talents.

The Virtual Reality Lab is a unique facility by which one can walk through virtual reality representations of products that are yet to be realized using virtual reality technologies. These labs would enable students and staff to visualize designs, develop immersive VR environments, and to test new VR and AR technologies. The amount of immersive learning that VR brings will take it to the next level and make it fun and engaging for students. Central government has already sanctioned ten Virtual Reality Labs for Jammu and Kashmir at a cost of Rs 20 to 25 Lakh each. With the help of virtual labs, students will be able to create their own login ids, as well as have leader boards to track their performance. Teachers will be able to conduct lab exams, give individual assignments and assess students as well after the establishment of virtual labs. Virtual labs can also promote conceptual understanding, especially in microscopic and abstract concepts. This ability to increase the visual impact and experience during an experiment and to visualize what is taking place can really help with student understanding. These labs will allow the students to perform experiments on educational fields, such as physics or chemistry or biology in 3D multiuser worlds where users are represented by avatars and they are offered a wide range of communication and collaboration on services in order to simulate efficiently a real learning experiment, the press release said.

The decision will go a long way in modernizing the education sector and with the passage of time, young students will be a talented lot fully equipped to face the challenges of modern world and serve the society as responsible citizens. Money has already been sanctioned by the Union Government and the need is that the scheme is implemented without any delay. Education, it goes without saying, is the backbone of any society and it is the responsibility of the governments, that be, to make this sector a sector a priority sector.

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