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Waqf Board bans ‘dastaar bandi’ of politicians at mosques, shrines

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Srinagar: The J&K Waqf Board has ordered a complete ban on the ‘dastaar bandi’ of people, especially political leaders, at the mosques and shrines managed by it.

However, the ‘dastaar bandi’ (ritual tying of turbans on people’s heads as a mark of honouring them) of people for religious achievements will be allowed with prior permission from the board.

“Whereas, J&K Waqf Board directly manages the affairs of major Shrines and Mosques across the UT of Jammu and Kashmir as per the provisions of the Waqf Act, 1995 (as amended in 2013), and thousands of Ziyarats/Masjids/Khanqahs/Dar-ul-Ulooms/Graveyards, governed by the provisions of the Waqf Act, are yet to be directly administered by the J&K Wagf Board,” read an order, issued by the board.

“Whereas, the Board is in receipt of a number of complaints regarding unethical use of platform of Ziyarats to appease influential people, particularly the political leaders, through turban-tying (dastaar bandi) ceremony at Ziyarats/Khanqahs. The leaders continue to be invited to the shrines and their dastaar bandi is carried out on the basis of party affiliations to promote political agenda at sacred religious places.

“Whereas, the chairperson, J8K Waqf Board has taken a serious view of the matter, and the Board is of the view that religious places like, Ziyarats/Khanqahs/Masjids/Dar-ul-Ulooms, can only be used to promote religious activities, and dastaar bandi at such places can only be carried out to felicitate people for their achievements in the religious field.

“Now therefore, dastaar bandi of people at all religious places, governed by the provisions of the Waqf Act, 1995, is hereby completely banned. However, dastaar bandi of people for religious achievements shall be allowed with prior permission of the Central Office, Waqf Board. All the administrators/executive officers are directed to ensure strict implementation of this order, and any violation shall immediately be brought to the notice of the Central Office for legal action in the matter,” the order reads.


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