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Persian translation of Satish Vimal’s famous Hindi poetry book released in New Delhi

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Scholars, Persian writers from Iran, India attend book release function

New Delhi: A grand book release function was held today in Iran Culture House New Delhi in which a book entitled “Burg Ha-e-Gum-Shudeh” was released. 

The book is the Persian translation of a Hindi book of Poetry “Khoye Huye Prishth” by Satish Vimal. It has been translated into Persian by Persian academician & writer Dr Mohmad Ibrahim Vani, and published by Iran Culture House New Delhi. The book is a masterpiece of Satish Vimal and has been translated into many Indian languages including Urdu, Kashmiri, Punjabi, English, etc in addition to French. It consists of 100 short Hindi poems about spirituality, philosophy, religion, and peace.

The function was organized by the Iran Cultural House in New Delhi and was attended by scholars from Iran and India. Those present include the Cultural Councilor at Iran Cultural Centre New Delhi, Dr Ali Rabbani, Director Persian Research Centre New Delhi, Dr. Ehsanollah Shukruahi who has edited this book, Prof Shareef Hussain Qasmi, Dr Syed Bilqees Hussain Fatimi, Prof Iraq Raza Zaidi, Prof Qamar Gaffar, Dr Ikhlaq Aahan among others.

While speaking on the occasion Dr Ali Rabbani highlighted the historical & cultural relations between India & Iran and congratulated the author and the translator for continuing the tradition of sharing each others’ wisdom.

Dr. Ehsanollah Shokrulahi said that these short poems are of great value and universality. He said that the poems of Satish Vimal are aesthetically rich & soul-touching creations. “These poems carry the aesthetic & poetic ethos of Saadi, Hafiz, Rumi & Khayyam, and these poems are destined to touch the hearts globally,” said Dr Shokulari. He added that Dr. Wani had linked Iran-e-Sagheer to Persian mainstream Iran through Vimal’s literature.

Addressing the gathering of intellectuals, Satish Vimal said that this translation is a global gift to his creativity. Thanking the Iran Cultural House for publishing this anthology, Satish Vimal said that it is a proud moment for him to see his poetry being admired on a bigger scale. Dr Ibrahim said that India and Iran are not only two countries but two great civilizations having a great linguistic shared tradition of Persian.

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