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By: Ahtishaam Khaja

For Ahtishaam Khaja ,21, the last 5 years have been an important period as he discovered his artistic passion during this time. Residing in Budbugh Qaziabad the enthusiast first began sketching in his 11th standard and says he always had an inclination towards art and was into amateurish artwork, even before he took upmaking nuanced sketches. Ahtishaam has made more than 100 sketches so far.

“Till class 11thas anon-medical stream student, I wasn’t much passionate about art but my friend Mursaleen used to make drawings and paintings. While seeing him making beautiful paintings, I got inspired andjealous in unison, I also started to paint. Me and my friend were only non-medicalstudents in our school and spent a lot of time together discussing art and other things. I gradually developed interestin art and I became more passionate about art that I even started bunkingmy academic classes for it.” Said Ahtishaam. Adding that, “ I wanted to paint nature, the beautiful surroundings, forests, mountains, streams and after finishing my tuitions I used to sit outside my village and paint”.

Ahtishaam praised WassemJagroo one of the promising artist of Kashmir for his support and guidance in his intial artistic career. Ahtishaam after completing his Bachelors in Fine Arts is looking foreward to completes masters in the same field.

Ahtishaam signs off with a message: “ I request every parent to support their child and don’t stopthem from doing and excelling in good things. Every child is an artist if you allow them to discover”.

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