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Of Education and our Duties

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By: Syed Irtiqa Kaushfi

While there has been a great awakening amongst people with regards to the importance of education in their lives and it is often looked as the only means to achieve something big in life but what is overlooked is the significance it should have on any person in developing one’s character and emboldening the vision towards rendering one’s services for the welfare of the society. Tremendous emphasis is being put on getting education so as to get a respectable position in the society. Consequently, whoever, has the means to attain it, seems to be in a rush to get educated so, as to get settled and consequently live a happy life, but the societal obligations which ought to be taken care of, are not being considered with that much importance as we haven’t linked such attributes with the education. Education should not only elevate one’s qualification but more importantly must raise one’s characteristics of conduct, morality, patience, empathy and socializing. We accentuate its importance in realizing its worth in making a person capable of doing this and that, but we seldom portray it as a medium by which a revolution can take place if applied with the proper application of mind. Unfortunately, education, now a days, has been restricted to gaining knowledge only, so, as to master a particular trade, but the real motive being the modification of behavior towards the betterment of all, is still questionable. As a result of which, we have so much of educated persons but the significance of education isn’t that much visible. Several instances of highly educated ones resorting to uncivilized ways of socializing have been witnessed. If only they could have been nurtured with value driven education, their way of articulation and approach would have been different. Our society has been marred by so many social evils and the only solution for its redressal is education which should focus on making an individual a better human being in all respects.

In modern times, education is being used as a tool to garner the benefits which are computable by the status, a person holds. Rather than this, if achievements in respect of one’s contribution towards the welfare of society were to be the benchmark, there would have been a sea of change. We all desire to have a meaningful life but to accomplish this we have to strive hard through our consistent endeavors to uplift others by whatever means we can do and that is not possible without imparting quality education. The responsibility lies on both parents and teachers to make education a valuable asset and understand its significance towards beautifying the soul of the seeker. Parents need to inculcate respect among their children so that they can grace everyone humbly. They should encourage children to move ahead collectively so as to remove any kind of disparity that can exist. Irrespective of the socio economic status, the children need to be taught the spirit of oneness and brotherhood to develop a cordial relationship among them so that they can support each other in their efforts to move ahead and gain from the fountain of knowledge. Education should make the students more humane in their approach through its inherent benefits.  Parents also need to work on the moral values of their children to be able to build a guiding principle in them in times of adversity. Teachers too have a role to play in rendering their support to the noble cause. Besides instilling curiosity to learn more among the students, the teachers need to develop such an atmosphere in the class where there is free and fair exchange of thoughts within permissible limits to let them feel that they are being heard. This can solve many issues pertaining to their personal life also as the teacher has to act like a parent too. They have to be more responsive towards the needs of their students and consequently may need to devote more time towards students which may need more efforts. Teachers need to exhibit empathy and patience towards their profession and understand the requirements of their students based on the modern pedagogy which evaluates students based on certain parameters. If the students are nurtured keeping in mind these things, they can prove to be a great boon to the society, later on in their advanced stage of life. They can carry all these qualities throughout their life and in turn become agents of change and cherished resource.

Furthermore, as a part of social responsibility, those who are well off can capacitate the less privileged ones so, as to provide them a platform where they can turn their dreams into reality and work in that direction without any feeling of letting them down. Education is the tool to empower any person to unravel his potential and do wonders. It is the best gift one can give to anyone for it has the power to change the world. This is our duty to make this world a beautiful place and that is possible only when we can take advantage of education in real sense without losing its spirit. Let us pledge to uphold the sanctity of education to relish the dream of a better future.

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