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I-Day: Kite catchers, kite flyers, window watchers to keep hawk eye on Red Fort area

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New Delhi:  The Delhi Police has deployed kite catchers and kite flyers on roof tops and other sensitive locations in the Red Fort area here to counter any threats from sub-conventional aerial platforms ahead of the 75th Independence Day celebration, officials said on Friday.

They also said adequate measures have been taken to prevent kites, balloons, drones, or any manned or unmanned flying objects to reach the area where the Independence Day function will be held on August 15.

Police said kite catchers, kite flyers and window watchers have been asked to report the sight of any flying object in the restricted area from August 13 to August 15 to the staff concerned.

Meanwhile, more than 11 cases have been registered for sale and purchase of Chinese ‘manjha’ or glass-coated thread used largely for kite flying.

Dependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) said provisions of section 144 have already been instituted in Delhi. Anyone seen flying kites, balloons or Chinese lanterns from August 13 to August 15 till the time of the programme at Red Fort will be punished and legal action taken against them.

“Kite catchers have been deployed with necessary equipment on strategic locations who will prevent any kind of kite, balloon and Chinese lanterns from reaching the function area. Radars will be deployed at Red Fort to counter any threats from subconventional aerial platforms and manned or unmanned flying objects, including drones, balloons, kites, Chinese lanterns, among others,” he said.

Officials said adept kite flyers who also organise kite flying competitions in the Red Fort area have been identified and convinced to not fly the kites this time, keeping in mind the security aspect.

Several meetings were held with the kite flyers at SHO, ACP and DCPs levels to convince them in this regard. They will also be patrolling with the city police and help the local policemen to prevent such kite-flying incidents.

The police, however, said kite flying competitions can be held in the early evening hours of August 15.

“We also held meetings with shopkeepers involved in the sale and purchase of kites, balloons and Chinese lanterns. They were motivated to brief all the purchasers to refrain from kite flying from August 13 till the time of conclusion of the Red Fort programme on August 15. Placards have also been pasted outside the kite and balloon selling shops,” the officer said.

The officer said meetings have also been held with RWA and MWA members, especially in the Walled City, in this direction.

“Announcements are also being made from religious places, motivating general public not to use any kind of Chinese manjha and avoid kite flying during the Independence Day programme from August 13 to August 15,” he added.

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