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Teaching: A Nobel profession

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By: Ghulam Mohammad Bhat

Teaching is a noble profession characterized by responsibility, dedication, wisdom and dutifulness. Teachers do not only teach and impart knowledge but inspire and motivate students for life and engage them in a process of self-discovery and realization of truth. Teachers keep working to boost the confidence of students and straighten them in the right direction.

It is said that, ‘the mediocre teacher tells,the good teacher explains and the superior teacher demonstrates while as great teacher inspires.

Teachers are the shadows of parents showing love and seldom admonishing, reaching out to be creators narrating noble deeds, like a goldsmith hammering to enrich skills and moulding tiny tots to perfection. Teaching profession is a noble and sacred one. So every teacher must play an important role in making a child to realize their dreams.

A good teacher is the one who gives students roots and wings- roots to know where home is and wings to fly away and exercise what is being taught to them. The duty of Every teacher is to shape the future of the child within the four walls of the class room and beyond. A good teacher is remembered for his/her service forever.

Teaching is not a job rather it is a noble service to the mankind.A teacher is always looked up as a guide. Teaching will become meaningful when it is done with love, affection and in a professional way.At the same time, it is a commitment to humanity.  It is a way of life that requires lots of sacrifice, a MINISTRY that needs your whole hearted service.

I personally think that teaching profession gives you a sense of fulfillment in life and ushers inner satisfaction and healing. It makes you feel proud that you are contributing to the society for which you earn respect and reverence.

Dedication and Commitment is the hallmark of an inspiring teacher.Love your teaching ministry first and see teaching will become effective.It would never materialize until and unless you show commitment and dedication. Do all the work with zeal and zest and with great fervor.

Treat every child equal. Be a teacher and a facilitator as dedication to work will make your task easy and children will be affectionate to you. Also, be ready to learn- an inspiring teacher is always ready to learn from children. Such approach by the teacher makes the classroom atmosphere interesting asaccepting mistakes gladly and thereby rectifying the wrongs is yet another hallmark of an amazing and inspiring teacher.Be a loving teacher who understands children needs.

A teacher must be ready to discover newness in teaching. Make your class interesting with creative, innovative and updated methodology.

The young generation today looks for Role models. Children are imitators and not interpreters andyou are a role model and students imitate you for the person that you are. A teacher has a huge everlasting impact on the young minds.

Being a teacher, I feel it a challenging task to deal with a slow learner as it demands extra efforts on my part.It needs more patience to teach a slow learner but the end result is so satisfying that cannot be expressed in words.

It is important for a teacher to make students understand how education is important for their lives. The teaching profession deals with a learner and makes him/her to be future oriented, academically proficient, morally upright and socially responsible. Let every child feel that you care for them and make them realize their dreams.

The writer is a lecturer at Govt. Hr Secondary School Waterhail

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