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Inclination towards radical ideologies in India minuscule: Govt

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New Delhi: Radicalisation by terror groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda is a major problem faced by countries all over the world and some foreign agencies have also been making efforts to radicalise people in India, Union Minister Nityanand Rai said on Tuesday.

However, Rai said in Lok Sabha, inclination towards radical ideologies in India is minuscule as compared to the population of the country owing to various factors.

“Radicalisation by global terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaida etc. is one of the most challenging problems faced by countries all over the world.

“In the Indian context, some foreign agencies inimical to India along with the global terrorist groups have been making efforts to radicalise people,” he said replying to a written question.

The minister said the government has been making various efforts to keep people away from the radicalisation efforts that include ensuring universal coverage of various government welfare schemes without discrimination, special schemes for communities and areas, promotion of composite culture and coexistence among various communities and constitutional safeguards to minorities.

Institutional efforts are also taken for ensuring fair representation of minorities and other less-represented communities in all spheres of life, he said.

In addition, Rai said, the government has created a Counter Terrorism and Counter Radicalisation Division in the Ministry of Home Affairs to help and coordinate with various security and law enforcement agencies.

The minister said the government has also proscribed a number of organisations as terrorist or unlawful association under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

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