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Youth: The Nation’s Guardian

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By: Mool Raj

Around the world, the youth is the driving force of society which can lead it towards prosperity and progress. In India, the youth make up nearly 63% of the total population. Unfortunately, however, it receives little support, investment or backing to play an active role in the change and development of the country. Resultantly, the youth find themselves trapped in uncertainty, fear of failure, depression, parental and peer pressure, drug addiction and mental illnesses besides economic dependency. This further prevents them from realizing their potential and undertaking initiatives to work towards the enhancement of their future prospects.

Without an empowered youth, a country can never achieve success or progress. An educated and empowered youth is responsible and willing to steer society towards change. By integrating the youth into the political and economic spheres, the youth feel a sense of belongingness and are willing to tackle and resolve problems. They are dedicated to their motivations and want to work for the betterment of everyone.

The evolution, from the hunter-gatherers to the dawn of industrialization, every society put the youth for facing the cataclysm. Among all, the youth is the driver behind the apparatus that leadsa society towards the pinnacle of prosperity, technology and advancement. Since the youth, surely is, full of potentialities and capabilities, it does its best to put forward any nation. Ostensibly, nonetheless, our youth — about 63 per cent of the total population — is lacking the way, support, investment and backing to underpin or get involved in the process of development and betterment of the nation. Resultantly, after the partition, nothing has changed, but the time. Correspondingly, it is the only youth that can uplift the scope of progress, integrity, development, and pragmatic flaunt of a nation despite facing provocative hampers in its way.

Being persistent having tolerance and keeping perseverance guarantees success individually as well as nationally.  The country’s delinquency, to provide means and ways, to unfold the potentialities and capabilities they are gifted with, is but, so far, a distant dream, leaving his asset —youth — to be obsolete. The endeavors to endow or fulfill the lacking attention has never taken place. Thus, the youth, for now, is suffering, involving itself in indigenous crafts, and, undertaking to be self-sufficient in this hyperinflation.

Rusticity is tightening its paws, peculiarly among youth, immensely. The ways and means for knowing the potentialities and capacities the youth is blessed with would not be bestowed or provided as long as we are tacit. Being the asset of Inda, the youth is quite quiet and quit to be painstaking owing to no solution or techniques to work for the country being sight so far, and how long, the government would run from its responsibilities by providing or delivering the due declarations for the youth.A thorough glimpse in history demonstrates that when and whoever provides youth to let their potentialities put into the practice, has all the ease that was a dream a long ago. Despite the fact, that the youth we have is nowhere, the nation is struggling from all the miseries, sufferings and woes, a low-level country faces.

The days have gone when humans, in ancient times, were striving merely for survival, but the very dawn of technology has changed the dynamics of it and made possible to attain every ease of life or all the things that were a pipe dream. This means that the society that never compromised youth, or never gets hesitant in investing in youth to unfold the potentialities and new possibilities.

The government should take measures to include youth in the social, political and economic spheres through educational scholarships, training workshops, fellowships and more as it would significantly benefit the country. In the short term, it can help curb issues such as drug abuse and the youth’s involvement in criminal activities and the country can benefit from increased labour productivity and innovation in the long run. The youth can bring new ideas and perspectives into organizations, share responsibilities and increase an organisation’s credibility amongst different segments of the population.


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