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IRCS J&K chapter celebrates World Red Cross Day at GGHSS Kothibagh

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Srinagar: The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Jammu and Kashmir chapter and its allied Regional and District units today celebrated the World Red Cross Day 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross Movement, Sir Jean Henry Dunant. 

The theme for this year’s World Red Cross Day was “Be Humankind”.

The main function was held at Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Kothibagh Srinagar in which Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir Pandurang K. Pole was Chief Guest of the event which was attended by members of the Managing committee of IRCS, different Heads of Departments, Representatives of various NGO’s, Life members, staff and volunteers of Red Cross.

While welcoming the Chief Guest and other participants, G.A. Qureshi, Honorary Treasurer, Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu and Kashmir said: “Crisis and disasters have spared  no one in the past years and have hit the most vulnerable the hardest. And in the worst situations, Red Cross staff and volunteers remain lifelines to local communities, sometimes at risk to their own safety. They remind us why we must invest in local action and nurture humanity and kindness.”

Speaking on the occasion, Div Com highlighted the role of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and lauded their dedication, compassion, courage while offering help, care, and life-saving services to people in their communities during calamities.

Managing Committee Member and former Honorary General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu and Kashmir, Mohammad Shafi Rather, lauded the efforts of Red Cross during disasters and said, “Red Cross volunteers are COVID-19 first responders, working tirelessly to prevent the spread of the virus and support those most affected besides  they are on the ground in disaster and conflict-hit places, checking in on neighbours and strangers, ushering them to safety and care, providing first aid and distributing essential supplies.”

Rather added, “Every day, Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers see first-hand how kindness relieves suffering, brings comfort, lights up the darkest moments and restores dignity. Amid so much hardship, loss and uncertainty, we encourage people around the world to believe in the power of kindness and to keep the kindness coming.”

General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Jammu and Kashmir, Kifayat Hussain Rizvi in his address said, “Men and Women on earth plateau is a specie, generally known as ‘Mankind’ but the ones who imbibe culture of love, affection, helpfulness, kindliness, friendliness, compassion and sympathy are called humankind.”

He said the theme for this year’s World Red Cross Day “Be HumanKIND” reflects the need to spread the message of humanness as it is more so important in the present day environment of hardships due to Covid-19 and social, economical and psychological consequences thereof.

Besides, he said it is a matter of great satisfaction that thousands of volunteers of ‘humankind’ , particularly of Red Cross, by their seen, unseen, small or big acts of kindness and helpfulness brought smiles and hope on the face of thousands of families.

IRCS did its bit to support needy, destitute, women and children by providing ration kits, medicines, sanitizers and masks, hygiene kits, blankets and stationery items to school going children.

Today we salute the selfless volunteers of IRCS and other NGO’s who by their compassion and kindness alleviated the suffering of people, he added.

Meanwhile, he thanked Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir (Chairman, IRCS, Kashmir Region) for his tireless effort to help construct a ‘blood bank’ and smart health service facility by way of construction of ‘Red Cross House’.

At the end M. R. Mattoo, Honorary Secretary, IRCS, Kashmir Region thanked all the participants especially Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir for his relentless support to the Red Cross Movement. 

He specifically and empathetically expressed his gratitude to volunteers of IRCS and other social activists associated with various NGO’s for their spirit of kindness and helpfulness at every crisis, disaster, pandemic.

He said they contribute and remain available for services without any remuneration or financial gain. Most of the volunteers have donated blood not once but hundreds of times to save human lives.

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