Ramadan: For the sake of Humanity

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By: Dr. Ashraf Amin

Ramadan, the month of fasting is held in high esteem throughout the Muslim world. The month not only forbids Muslim from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk but equally prohibits them from talking, indecent, ill or nurture any grudges against each other besides avoiding other ill feelings and intentions. The overall mission of Ramadan is to build a holistic personality of a believer. A Muslim is expected to cultivate discipline and restrain from excesses by following the guidelines of Ramadan, a moth blessed and sacred. A believer is supposed to develop consciousness of Allah and be fearful of Him in case of transgression. The month of Ramadan teaches a believer to sacrifice one’s temporary needs for the ultimate destiny.

Spiritual bliss apart, Ramadan has definite practical implications in one’s daily life. The Month infuses in us the true feeling of devotion and living up without food and water for hours together gives us an idea about those have-nots who face such situation all through a year or even a lifetime. It makes us realize the conditions of those people who don’t have access to adequate food and water for the whole year. If Ramadan fails to rekindle in us the compassion and fellow feeling, know that we are far from the purpose of Ramadan! And the fault lies within us for Allah’s promise would never fail. He has promised to make us pious, virtuous, sympathetic, and empathetic through the days of Ramadan. We have to learn to cultivate such qualities.

The beloved prophet (SAWS) said that ‘He is not a believer who eats full while his neighbor remains hungry’. In our society near and far, we have so many who don’t have sufficient food to feed themselves and their families. Poverty and hunger has broken them. We couldn’t afford to see such people suffering and dying painfully. A small expenditure on poor and the destitute can provide them their sustenance. A collective help can bring a lot of change.

The refugees, displaced men, women and children of Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, etc are some of the examples of destitution besides our own poor who live on the margins. They all require the help of those who can play a very crucial role at this moment. It is not difficult to help anyone in any corner of the world in the present times! Our endeavor must always be that the food, money, shelter reaches to the deserving.

There are many patients who are fighting dreadful diseases. Is it not our duty to help them and partake in their pain? If the suffering and pain, helplessness of someone is revealed to us, we ought to help swiftly. The delay in help is no less than a denial. Could there be any month better than Ramadan which could wake us up! Let us widen our circle of generosity by helping our near ones, relatives, and neighbors first and then move over to those who call for help irrespective of any race, creed, color, and religion. May Allah save us from callousness, extravagance and stinginess. Aameen!

The writer is Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Central University of Kashmir.

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