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Apni Party’s policy of social justice, equitable dev has attracted common masses: Altaf Bukhari

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Women among dozens join Apni Party in Jammu

Jammu: Apni Party President Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari on Saturday said that the policy of social justice, equitable development of all the regions and economic development of all sections of society in J&K has attracted the attention of the common masses towards the Apni Party.

Altaf Bukhari, according to the Apni Party spokesperson, was speaking at joining programmes which were organized at the Party Office in Gandhi Nagar. A joining programme was organized by the Women Wing’s Provincial Vice Presidents, Pavneet Kour, Rupali Rani and District President Jammu, Sarabjeet Kour 

Meanwhile, another programme was organized by Youth Wing Coordinator Sunny Singh Chib.

While welcoming the people into the Party, he said that Apni Party has a policy for the welfare of every section of society and equitable development of all the regions with no space for discrimination with anyone.

He said that they have adopted a policy of social justice and economic development in all the sections of society and the equitable development of all the regions.

“The above policy of Apni Party is being presented in the society at the ground level by the Party leaders and workers at every nook and corner of J&K and the people from every section are admiring our policy following which large numbers of people are joining the Party,” he said.

He further said that “We have to develop J&K in such a manner that everybody’s genuine interests are protected. The society must be exploitation free and everyone should have the chances to grow according to their potential.”

“We want to develop J&K in which everybody will look forward as a model of equitable development for all regions and all communities in a proper manner,” he said.

He also appreciated the leaders and workers of the party for making the people aware of the policy of the Party. He also hoped that the Party would further be strengthened at the gross root level with the joining of the people from every section of the society.

He said that “Apni Party has become a symbol of unity in J&K and people have high expectations from the Party as other political parties have failed to come up to their expectation.”

Criticizing the political parties which exploited the emotions of the people; he said that “We will work for the equitable development of J&K’s two regions and protect the rights of the people. We will also protect jobs, natural resources and land for the locals.”

He said that the outsiders have been given free hands to loot the natural resources in J&K and the Apni Party will not allow them to snatch right of bread and butters from the locals. Hundreds of people have become unemployed after the natural resources were handed over to the outsiders, he alleged. 

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