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The option of downloading videos also helps students who can watch them offline without an Internet connection.

By: Vijay GarG

Technology has, today, paved the way for online learning, and virtual classrooms. However, apart from Ed-tech platforms facilitating remote learning; what is notable is the growth of YouTube as an educational resource. The platform, which began in February 2005, was hugely popular primarily due to the entertainment content. While there were efforts to boost educational content and channels, the pandemic saw the site emerge as an effective educational resource and opened up varied avenues for both educators and learners.


The platform introduced features such as chapters within a video, which allows learners to study at their own pace and content. The option of downloading videos also helps students, who can watch them offline, without an Internet connection. This facilitates the idea of learning anywhere, any time. Re-playing videos allows learners to repeat topics till they have understood them properly. Complex subjects or topics can also be explained easily and effectively through videos.


However, despite the benefits, the platform has its share of limitations. While video-based learning is effective, there is no option to upload/download PDFs, notes or textual information. There is a lack of interactivity as well, as the student is glued to the screen. The constant advertisement pop-ups also distract the viewer and disrupt the learning experience. In some cases, videos can be used only as a supplementary resource. Another aspect is the lack of reward. Unlike ed-tech platforms, there is no option of certification once a module is completed Hence, they are unaware of their progress.

While the platform has emerged as an educational tool and offers some enhanced experiences, there is still scope for improvement.

The writer is Retired Principal

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