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J&K Bank gives warm send off to its President

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SRINAGAR: J&K Bank gave a warm send-off to Ashraf Ali Malik, who superannuated today as the Bank’s President and Chief Vigilance Officer, after serving the institution for over thirty-three years.

The Bank’s MD & CEO, Baldev Prakash presided over the farewell function that was attended by Executive President Sunil Gupta, Presidents Rajni Saraf, Chetan Paljore, Narjay Gupta, Peer Masood Ahmad and Syed Rais Maqbool, Vice-presidents and other senior officers of the Bank at the bank’s Corporate Headquarters.

Rising through the ranks to one of the topmost management positions in the Bank, he had a wide-ranging experience in the banking law and practice and was currently heading the Bank’s Law Department besides holding the charge of Chief Vigilance Officer.

Lauding his role as one of the top management executives of the bank, the MD & CEO said, “With just over two months of interaction with the top management here, I could see Ashraf Ali has played a significant role in devising various policies of the Bank besides providing the robust and requisite legal framework for the Bank’s operations. He has been very articulate in the domain of his expertise.”

“On behalf of the Bank, I wish him a healthy and happy life post-superannuation,” he added.

Ashraf Ali expressed his gratitude to the Bank’s leadership and his fellow colleagues on the occasion and said, “I am highly thankful to the Bank’s leadership for their guidance and support through-out my career in this great institution. I will always cherish the affection that I have received from my fellow colleagues at different positions and places throughout my journey.”

“Even after retiring from the active services of the Bank, I will continue to extend my advice and guidance whenever required by the Bank,” he added.

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