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All the ten Districts and tehsils in valley, there must be a full-fledged public library which allows functioning 24*7 for the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive examinations and should be laced with modern trending books, documents, electronic gadgets, photo printing machines, expert librarians and all that a full-fledged library needs for the proper functioning for the aspirants. Nowadays the public library is a demanding highlight and the aspirants have started talking about it. It will boost and enhance the knowledge of our youth, providing them a knowledgeable hub at a particular place. Today, the world has discovered glorified, advanced, beneficial, amazing and incredible technologies. There are several advanced technological gadgets around us. Wherever we go there are bizarre and giant machines, we are experiencing. Now the question arises! Why? I am discussing such incredible inventions here in this article: Because one thing is clear and crystal clear that from an educated to illiterate person has known the value of education. ‘’Education is the powerful weapon that never discriminates you”.

When we have the sense and we are able to understand the demand of the time, then why? Should we not go ahead with its implementation and why not fulfill our genuine demands in the notice of higher ups? We are well aware that nowadays, education plays a necessary and pivotal role in one’s personal life and in the development of our nations. Education is being applauded worldwide and the world has produced renowned, eminent scientists in every field, whether in the field of medicines, electronics even from a minute to the next, eminent innovations have been invented so far. Today in this article I am going to explore the, ‘’ how public libraries are essential for our youth who are preparing for the competitive examinations and most of the aspirants are suffering by this and that way.

In Kashmir valley the education sector plays a pivotal role in bringing talented students from all age groups in a platform. Where they get a chance to share their valuable thoughts with their counterparts on different social, economic, educational, environmental, moral, ethics, health, technology and getting a chance to interact with each other. Since 1989 the whole valley has been going through very hard and tough circumstances due to the tension between two neighbouring nations. But the education sector, the nation building sector, the sector which brings out the talent of the country has never got ample chances to experience the taste of education freely. Whenever there comes an uncertainty in the nation, it directly or indirectly impacts the education sector, the state, district, tehsil level administration passes orders for the closure of educational institutes coming within their domains.

As we know in Kashmir valley most of the population residing in the villages, hamlets (small villages) where they are not even enjoying basic essential facilities. One thing is very fortunate that in the education sector government administration facilitates children with their fundamental right like “right to education mentioned in the Indian constitution. It states that “ the constitution (eighty sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 inserted Article 21-A in the constitution of India to provide free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a fundamental. How it’s possible to educate all the children up to the age group of 14 years under such uncertainty and without having the indispensable facilities. Now in the present era we are talking more about education, knowledge, one’s moral behaviour and all that but we are skipping the important things while discussing all this.

Those students who are preparing for the civil services and for the national level exams, prefer to go out of state. Most of the students are preparing in Delhi. Nowadays the capital has become a hub for the aspirants. Why did they leave their homeland, and live in a place where they manage so many things for their survival. Delhi has become known because their government and society co-operates. Government’s administration should encourage the youth of the state and provide them adequate and proper facilities, so that the aspirants can acquire the knowledge they want, there should not be any hurdles in the way of acquiring knowledge from any means of medium and gadget. At the district level authorities should install libraries. So that the aspirants should not suffer and should be allowed to acquire as much as they can.

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