Today: Jun 17, 2024

Tough situations grow you stronger

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A primary school teacher took his students for a picnic to a countryside park. As they entered the park, one of the students noticed something unusual in the bushes. He, in a jiffy, went to it and was observing something very curiously. After a deep thought, he called his teacher and said very innocently “sir the little creature is stuck in a mesh, we must save it”. The teacher, after keenly observing it told the kid to join other students and leave it as it is. The kid insisted teacher to help out the little creature while the teacher strongly refused and even warned him not to touch it in any case. The kid left with moist eyes after this though his will and determination to save the helpless creature did no wither away as, after some time, he dodged the teacher and pulled out the creature from the mesh.

His excitement of saving the creature and responding to his inner call vanished as soon as he found his teacher just next to him who showed utter disappointment and told the little kid though his intensions were honest, but his action lacked not only the understanding of the scenario but nearly killed the creature for the mesh was actually Cocoon which is nothing but extra cells exposed to outer environment to protect pupa and the butterflies grow inside them. “The life journey of butterflies starts from here-the baby butterfly you thought you saved is unable to fly properly because its wings are not grown strong enough. The more they strike the cucoon the stronger their wings grow and the higher they can fly. Your help indeed brought the butterfly early to world but it will suffer in the longer run. It can’t fly higher as its wings are weak and it can’t sustain and keep up with those who have hit the cocoon properly. It was its struggle. It was its fight to come out of this not yours, ” the teacher lectured the student.

This story teaches thus demonstrates for us that shortcuts or privileges may seem to be blessing at first but these are actually stumbling blocks that never let us achieve and acquire our full potential and restrict our flight.  It is almost instinctive that we would want easier ways and privileges to get few things done but one may get positions by shortcuts or privileges- real success is however a different thing to achieve. When we fight our battles by ourselves without taking the help from others or without involving others, we develop necessary skill set and art to sustain the worst and brave a situation. When we fight for what we want without getting help, our inner strength evolves constantly. Upon reflection you will find yourselves winning all the time (during ups and downs). Its precisely at such times when ecosystem will discourage you.

We all have demons in our lives and often judge our lives as mere suffering. The world continues to spin regardless of your emotions, feelings and circumstances. Thus, in our journey of life we must challenge and remove obstacles and there is also beauty in recognizing that everyone else is climbing the similar, but entirely different hills. We should always follow the silver rule while climbing the mountain “do unto others as you would want done unto you”.

We sometimes feel exhausted, thirsty and cramped while climbing the mountain but that’s quite natural. Remember the famous saying- The Mountain will exhaust you before it is able to give you its view’. Never give up, keep hitting the cocoon until it breaks and you come out of it the strongest. If you  are tired  take rest but never stop climbing the mountain. The circumstances may discourage you, the rains, the snow, the sloppy terrains, the thirst and the hunger. They are just distractions .Uphold the commitments, battle to win your dream. Be on the horizon.

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