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Ghulam Hassan Mir seeks equitable dev of all regions

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‘Several youth from Banihal join Apni Party’

JAMMU: Apni Party Senior Vice President, Ghulam Hassan Mir has demanded equitable development of all the regions in J&K.

Mir, according to the Apni Party spokesperson, was speaking at a joining programme which was organized by Provincial Secretary Aslam Malik at Apni Party Office in Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.

Prominent among those from Banihal who joined Apni Party include Naseer Ahmed, Murtaza, Mubasher Naik, Zakir Hussain Naik, Mohd Hanif Sohail, Mohd. Dnuser, Firdous Ahmed, Imtiyaz Naik, Javeed Ahmed, Javid Ahmed, Javed Ahmed Sahil, Imtiyaz Ahmed Daing, Farooq Ahmed Sohu, Udham Singh, Sohil, Ashiq Hussain, Sohil, Shahnawaz Malik, Mushtaq Ahmed, Muzaffer Malik, Mohd. Naseer Naik, Mohd. Adil, Anman Yousuf Naik and others.

While welcoming them into the Party, he said that Apni Party believes in overall development of all the regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The remote and neglected areas in J&K still lack basic amenities and the Apni Party is committed to holistic development in all the regions,” he said.

He said that the hilly and remote regions in J&K still do not have proper health care facilities, infrastructure and road connectivity which needs to be upgraded.

“We are committed to link all the remote areas with the road connectivity, and improve health care facilities,” he said, and added that the development should reach every house.

He said that the people are fed up with the authorities as they have failed to come up to the expectation which has given rise to feelings of alienation.

He said that if Apni Party forms next Govt, we will work for the equitable development of all the regions without discrimination.

“We believe in unity and equal development,” he added.

He hoped that the newcomers into the party who belong to Banihal will strengthen the party’s base. He urged them to inform people about the party’s policies and developmental agenda.

Meanwhile, Manjit Singh also spoke on the occasion and said that Apni Party has gained support of the people in a short period of time as they feel associated with the party’s policies which are people friendly and advocate peace and development.

“We oppose all kinds of divisive politics which have diverted developmental activities. Kandi belt of Jammu province also lacks developmental activities, proper drinking water supply and basic amenities,” he added.


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