Of courage and reconciliation

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Respecting life as it comes and coping with failures is all that we need

Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time- Maulana Rumi

Surprisingly, despite clear legal rulings, societal norms and also religious descriptions regarding suicides, it has become very common in our society today. Problems and worries have certainly increased in the face of modern life compulsions and the rapidly changing life scenarios. But a person should seek help, look for options, find motivational as well as reconciliation to face issues and be courageous to not end life.

Nature has given humans amazing power in the form of mind, man can make up for his shortcomings by using the brain and problem solving ability besides the greatest feature of adaptation and evolution. Negative thoughts always arise in the human mind as a reaction to something and people with slightly week judgment or sensitive attitudes tend to get swayed when such a situation arises and therefore make wrong decisions.

One must be grateful for every moment of every day that is spent with the people you love. Life is so precious and there is no need to be perfect. To inspire others, it largely depends on how you deal with your imperfections and overcome your problems.

Every religion forbids even a death wish for oneself or for anyone else and how it is possible for a person to commit suicide in such clear religious guidelines. If a person commits suicide, he commits a forbidden act and his punishment will be severe. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: Associating partners with Almighty, disobeying one’s parents, killing one’s soul and swearing falsely are among the major sins in Islam.

Suicide is no way out of adversity and can never be solution to anything. This world is a place of test, every time and at every destination, a person comes across new problems and the only person who succeeds in this is the one who copes with all kinds of worries. The person who loses patience, in hardships and difficulties and ends his life in haste and impatience is unfortunate, reprehensible and pitiful.

According to Islam, anyone who commits suicide actually challenges the plans of Almighty and in the second life, only that person will prosper and enjoy who proved to be a servant of Almighty even in the most critical moments in this world and stands by the guidelines till the last breath of life. That is why Islam has made this world an appendage to the next to come. The good or bad deeds done here will be rewarded in the next life. Suicide is a wrong and undesirable act which will ruin the hereafter.

All the conditions of man in this world are of hardship, even food and drink and all other activities are not free from hardship. But Allah Almighty has given man such power and strength that he overcomes these hardships and not that hardships overwhelm man. Not only Allah’s dealings with the suicidal person will be painful, but such people have no place regard for their loved ones and families as they are left to suffer forever. The one who committed suicide is gone, but no one will commit this forbidden act if it is clear to him/her how much harm is done to his/her friends family. That is why when Prophet (PBUH) heard that a Muslim had committed suicide, he became angry and said that he would not offer his funeral prayers.

Prophet (PBUH) said, “Your body has a right over you and your eyes have a right over you.” The Prophet’s command clearly urges the protection of one’s body and soul and all its organs and the fulfillment of their rights. Those who commit this horrible and forbidden act, Prophet (PBUH) said, that person will go to hell, fall into it forever and stay there forever. If a person bears the moral principles of religion in mind, he/she can easily tolerate the hardships and sufferings and thus never commit suicide.

Various studies have established that among the main causes of suicide are poverty, depression, stress, anxiety, unemployment, lack of Counseling, drug Abuse, lack of Spiritual and Moral Education, challenging social norms and certain formalities etc.

In Kashmir, we are desperately struggling with a lot of such issues including drug addiction, societal formalities like dowry, late marriages, depression and lack of a sense of citizenship. Unfortunately we don’t have the adequate and necessary structures or apparatus for counseling’s here and that is why we see a rise in suicide cases.

If moral and spiritual teachings are common in today’s society, the tendency to commit suicide can be reduced. Today, our society is in turmoil and there is a world of narcissism everywhere, due to which distressed people are committing sins like suicide out of frustration. We should not despair of Allah’s mercy at all and our rulers should also end inflation, unemployment and terrorism so that people do not waste their precious lives by committing suicide.  Remember two things prevent us from happiness living in the past and observing others life have different ways of getting back at you learn to fight back to know your worth.

Being negative only makes a journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it – Joyce Meyer

Columnist is Sr. Edp Head & Counsellor in DD Target PMT Parraypora and can be reached at [email protected]

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