Lawmakers or Law-breakers

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Letter to the Editor


I would like to express my deep concern regarding the issue of ‘Lawmakers or lawbreakers’ through the medium of your esteemed daily newspaper. Past is not retrievable but provides good insights for the future if one is willing to learn from mistakes. However our politicians tend to do exactly the opposite. They never seem to learn from their past mistakes and instead of looking forward always try to dig into the past to fix blame on one another. Our leaders should act upon the advice of Confucius who said that leaders should abandon those actions that yield no results.

On the contrary our leaders keep doing the same while expecting different results. They are so hardened in their ways that they don’t realize the faults in their actions. Our economy has been on the decline for decades but every government that holds power blames its predecessors for ruining it. Ironically while each government puts all the blame on the past governments, they never change their own course and keep committing the same mistake.

Selfish and myopic policies have gradually brought about destruction. High inflation, low employment, nonexistent healthcare, faulty education system and insecurity have made life unbearable. Last but not least, I would like to suggest our political leadership that they should realize the gravity of the situation, stop playing blame game and work together bringing the country on the path of economic progress and development on sustainable models.

Mool Raj

R/O Village Bhagota, Distt.&Teh Doda



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