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Encanto:  An enjoyable and spellbinding movie that’s sure to warm your heart

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By: Arbeena Shah

With the weather outside starting to freeze and winter vacations promulgated, all you can do to regale yourself on a weekend is curl up on the couch and watch one of the best winter movies. It could be thoroughly chilly out there, but as long as you have got some delectable treats, a blanket, some neon lights, and one of the best movies on your laptop, you’ll feel warm and cozy all day long. And if it’s a family night, there are plenty of wondrous animated movies you can enjoy with your siblings or children, and one of them is Disney’s recently released musical fantasy movie ‘Encanto.’

Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, this charming movie is set in the gigantic mountains of Colombia in an enchanting place called Encanto. This entrancing place is inhabited by an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, in which every child is mystically enchanted with a peculiar magic except charmingly resplendent and chirpy teen girl, Mirabel. She feels mediocre and isolated among her family members who possess discrete magical powers- her mother’s cooking can cure diseases and wounds; Luisa (her sister), is brawny; Isabela (another sister), can make flowers blossom; her aunt can control the weather and her cousin can understand animals. These magical powers of Madrigals are the result of a miracle, signified by a candle that has to remain lit for their magic to work. Mirabel’s anxieties are the same ones we experienced as teens and probably even as adults.

One day, cracks start cropping up in their delightful, magical Casita (home) and their gifted powers seem to be languishing. The dwindling magic begins to affect every member of the family- Uncle Bruno had run away years ago, Luisa doesn’t want to reveal that she needs joy and relaxation as well as strength and power, Isabela is fed up with being perfect all the time. Hence, it is up to Mirabel to save her family and bring them together. As she embarks on this journey, she discovers who she is, what she values, and what makes this world tick.

It’s the family’s understanding of each other that stands out as the most important lesson in this captivating movie. It shows yet again that individuals in a family also require time to develop, grow, and even change. The story illustrates that what one might value and envy can be considered burdensome by others. The plot emphasizes togetherness and family bonding. Sibling relationships and family expectations are explored in a subtle and insightful way in the film. It is a great reminder that in the end, everyone has a place in the family.

There are vivid colors and eye-catching details in the movie, whether it’s Mirabel’s intricately embroidered skirt, Isabel’s flowery room, or Casita’s interior and exterior. In addition, the songs in the movie are filled with beautiful lyrics. The movie shows respect for Latino culture. Every flicker of an eye and every interaction adds to the plot. The splendor of it all does not let your eyes stray for one second. Encanto is an enjoyable weekend movie that’s sure to warm your heart.

Arbeena is a postgraduate in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is a movie reviewer.


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