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Be grateful for that which you have

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By: Junaid Abdullah

And remember your lord declared that “…if you are grateful, I will add more (favor) unto you, but if you show ingratitude, truly my punishment is terrible indeed.” (Al-Quran: 14-7)

Gratitude simply means giving thanks. Thanking to Almighty, to parents, friends or any other person who did you a favor. No matter, howsoever a person progresses in life, if the trait of gratitude prevails in him, then he/she will be one filled with peace and serenity. We need to remember that one will never be able to have patience if the feature of gratitude is deficient and when there is no patience, happiness will always remain a distant dream.

Allah says “…be thankful, I will increase you.” The supreme lord didn’t mention any particular area in which the increase will be bestowed and instead left it blank and therefore great many possibilities. In the same manner if one lacks the trait of gratitude and begins to complain by pointing out some particular things and omits that what God has given and what others did for him, there is a strong possibility that God will take away everything from him in punishment. The state of happiness is directly linked with the amount of gratitude that we show.

Gratitude, of course, in itself is a great method of prayer. Heart decorated with gratitude remains all the times within the reach of infinite intelligence and the versatile supremacy of the universe. Incalculable number of blessings consistently flows upon those whose hearts are thankful because the supreme power is in love with such a quality. Pictures a strong image of your worthy desire in your subconscious mind and at the very early stage, give thanks to the infinite intelligence for the gift that you have received. Such strong belief will never go in vain and such thankful heart will never be left abandoned.

Remember the supreme God loves the thankful hearts and assists them in fulfilling the worthy desires. Such type of thankful attitude will raise the graph of your happiness to the ultimate level and will do wonders for you.

Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) was on his way to have conversation with the supreme Lord, when a man met him and said, “O Prophet tell my Lord that he has blessed me more than what I deserve, now stop showering your blessings upon me, as I am not able to give thanks to all that I receive from him. Prophet Moses(PBUH) agreed and while moving forward, another man met him and said, “O prophet tell your Lord to look at me as I have nothing to eat and nothing to wear.” Prophet (PBUH) agreed and presented both the queries before his Lord. The supreme Lord while replying to the first person said, “My slave, stop thanking me and I will stop giving you and if you will consistently show your Gratitude, I will keep showering my blessings upon you.” While replying to the second person, the supreme Lord said, “O my slave, show some gratitude in the least bit, I will bless you more.” But the complaining man showed the same thanklessness and desperation and finally God took away everything from him.

This elucidates how much God favors the thankful heart. What one needs to do is to point out those enormous blessings that God has bestowed and also list out all the things that your parents, friends or any other person has done for you and keep thanking them- it will bring happiness and spiritual satisfaction. Obviously when one thinks about what he possesses, instead of what he lacks, happiness becomes inevitable. Moreover, this very world and the world hereafter becomes better for us!

Author is a student of medical science. [email protected]

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