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Naveed Qazi releases his seventh book ‘Globe Chronicles’

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Srinagar: Naveed Qazi, a Kashmiri author, released his seventh book titled “Globe Chronicles” through Amazon’s print on demand service, Kindle Direct Publishing.

The book is a collection of political essays on world election analysis, international environmental issues and global protest movements. There are eighty essays in the book. The paperback edition of the book runs into 613 pages, and a Kindle version is also exclusively available on Amazon.

“It is like my third book in a non-fiction series, because I had followed the same compilation standards in previous two books, which were also on the same themes,” he said. “The content of my nonfiction books are less talked about in this part of the world. While writing my nonfiction books, I realised that it’s time for people in south Asia, especially Kashmiris, to become aware not only about the region, but beyond. It would help us to chalk out perceptions and finally make conclusions about political realities around the world. Issues such as Islamophobia, environmental degradation, massive human displacement, armed conflicts, economic meltdowns, discontent on political leaders, and authoritarianism will continue to hold weight in our world. So, it would be naïve not to talk about them.”

Taking a dig on the recent criticism on self-publishing in Kashmir, the author noted that with the right amount of patience, eye for finesse, ferocious self-editing skills, and the need for professionalism in making book covers and proper formatting techniques, self-published authors can match the standards of traditional publishing houses. He also said that as in traditional publishing houses, there is an editorial team behind an author, the manuscript is often tampered, for various reasons, and the originality of author’s work comes into question, unlike self-publishing where author enjoys a complete creative control.

“International self-publishing giants like Amazon KDP offer higher amounts of royalties as compared to others, which are one of the most competitive in the global publishing market,” he said. “They have a user-friendly publishing portal, have their own quality control mechanisms, and also make instant worldwide distribution available to authors. The best part about it is that the author doesn’t have to pay anything to get published, and books have a permanent shelf life on It is also easy to make changes to book cover, and one can even re-upload the manuscript on KDP portal.”


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