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Pledge to make world a safer place for Women: Shabnam Shah Kamili

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Urges women to rise to their rights

SRINAGAR: On ‘International day for elimination of violence against women’ being celebrated every year on 25th of November, the Directorate of Women Empowerment today held a function, wherein a pledge was taken to make world a safer and better place for Women.

It is worth mentioning that international day for elimination of Violence against women is observed with an aim to raise awareness among all, regarding the rights of Women folk.

This year the theme for this day was “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!”

Speaking on the occasion, the Mission Director (MD) Women Empowerment, Shabnam Shah Kamili said that the department is committed to protect the social and legal rights of Women and every step is taken to discourage the violence against Women. She urged upon Women to rise to protect and safeguard their rights.

Kamili said that Women should come forward to gain knowledge about their rights. She said that a woman is an important pillar of society and every person should dutifully respect her. She said that gender equality should be respected and violence based on Sexism should be rejected, so that the world becomes more a beautiful place to live in.

While stressing on Stopping impunity and strengthening prevention of Women folk, the MD said that concerned departments and agencies need to work in strong coordination so that the targeted support is made available to all the women.

Based on this year’s theme, Kamli urged people to support it and be a part of “Orange movement” to end the violence against women in the world.

“Be a part of Orange movement, our Color to represent brighter future, free of violence against women and girls”, Kamili said in a message.

Meanwhile, similar functions were held in all the districts of J&K and Sakhi One Stop Centres, wherein awareness regarding the subject and pledge was taken to respect women and raise voice against violence on women.







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