Making a breakthrough!

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By: Er. Aijaz Ahmad

Even if you have qualification and talents as well as dedication, there are chances that you might end up doing something totally different from what you have been training yourself for! Yes- given the structural flaws as well as lack of employability one should definitely prepare to work in whatever circumstantial availability prevails.

But there are some fields, some realms where, if you work hard and intelligently, you are sure to find a breakthrough. Ofcourse I am talking about highly competitive exams including Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and the likes.

IAS is considered as one of the toughest examination in our country. Every year lakhs of aspirants apply for this prestigious examination, but the passing percent is only 0.1 percent. In other words, the passing ratio of this examination is very less and may discourage many before even applying for it. But that should not happen and those who are interested in this realm must keep their heads high and work for qualifying it with flying colors.

This examination is conducted by union public service commission every year. The examination consists of three stages- Preliminary stage, Mains and those who qualify these have to finally appear for an interview.

According to annual report 2020 published by Union Public Service Commission, the total number of candidates for this examination is 10 lakh 58 thousand for 900 vacancies approximately. The success rate is only 0.1 %. From the past few years, the completion is enough more tough as the candidates applying for this examination is souring up by each passing year making the competition more spine chilling. The maximum age limit for the general category candidates is 32 years and the eligibility for this examination is graduation. Any one from any stream can apply.

It is pertinent to mention that those who qualify such prestigious exams go on to join the elitist workforce of the country which, apart from enjoying great perks and handsome salary, comes in direct contact with significant works and policies to be executed and formulated for the masses. These are the people who are fundamental in conducting nearly all affairs of state, a UT, or even the country.

The big question is who can afford to take such a risk to sit in an examination where it is well established that only a few percent will qualify the final round and that too perhaps after a few failed attempts. Apart from those who have enough resources to go for private tuition and spend a lot of money on the preparation, even in multiples attempts, only those who are highly dedicated and have great self confidence can actually think of taking part in this prestigious examination.

Apart from a few cases that became talk of the town, published data shows that more from qualifiers belong to either upper-middle or elite class. No doubt that being economically well off means a lot and gives an edge such students as they can avail the best possible facilities and devote their entire time to the studies. Compared to them, those belonging to the marginalized sections of the society very rarely get that sort of a financial setup and often refuse to sit in such exams citing lack of financial support, time and self confidence as the reasons for doing so. Now those who step-up and aspire to dream big even if the conditions aren’t favoring them, they are the ones who make the real breakthrough.

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Author is a social worker, freelancer, quote writer, engineer. I am article writer at various news papers.

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