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‘Eyes shine and Hearts Smile’

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By: Vivek Bhat

‘Eyes Shine and Hearts Smile’ is a cruise ride where the author takes the readers to a journey of heartily short stories. Cruising slowly over the tides of myriad emotions like love, friendship, self pride, conceit and desire- each story ending on a rhythmic note. The book is a metaphorical interpretation of the authors interest in human emotions and the unending thirst to reveal more and more- the book indeed makes the eyes shine and the heart smile. The Author has picked pearls from the monotony of the life placing them in a manner that they never fail to beam the glittering light in reader’s mind. For readers of all age groups will surely find reminiscence and resemblance in the book and is apt and must read for all. Comprising of fourteen stories, the books offers food for thought to all age groups and some very exciting insights from behavioral point of view.

We are all God’s children and we have been bestowed hearts to love and to feel connected with others As the reader boards the cruise at the very inception, the book touches ones heart with a love story followed by a sharp sail through the wave of pragmatic and realistic thinking endorsing hardworking over destiny-‘Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance, and the strong men believe in the law of cause and effect’. The author quotes “Ralph Waldo Emerson”.  As the cruise proceeds, it proceeds by ripping apart the male chauvinistic ego and the reader feels the essence of pivotal coexistence required in interdependent human race.

“Let’s connect with our priceless connections, our friends with whom everything was imperfectly perfect,” the author tried to play violin using the strings of reader’s heart in her next story which is based on the concern of withering human connections and the need to protect those emotions. At the very half of the book it has a series of special stories related to women empowerment where the reader can take away an inspiration to rise, educate, stand, fall and stand again. The author seems to have profound insights about the struggle of women and tried to put forth the solutions to the feminine what-to-do and how-to-do questions.

The book has a story based on conversations between a mother and her son displaying over-flowing innocent curiosity. Then, in some other stories the author pours “self love” and “age-no-matter to follow passion” in readers mind in her next story. Then there follows a story about two individuals showing how respect and love binds them in a bond.

India is the country full of super heroes who laid their life by putting everything in line when there was a question of country’s security and sovereignty. The journey of the cruise ends at an emotive destination remunerating the velour of real heroes aka soldiers. No better destination can be possible for the journey, the author takes the readers on, than until the cruise disembarks them.

Book title: Eyes Shine and Hearts Smile

Author:  Neha B

Available at: Amazon, Notionpress.com

Published on 5th of July,2021.

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